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Album Of The Year: Judas Priest - Firepower

Judas Priest - Firepower is the Number One Album of 2018
Judas Priest - Firepower is the  best album of 2018 probably overall in every category of music. Hopefully, I will be the first person to declare this album the Number 1 Album of 2018 probably in all categories.

Then what? Fifty Years of Judas Priest, you can't even believe that anyway. This album will appeal to fans of Painkiller and early material like Breaking The law and Turbo Lover.

I have to say that it's a nice change to see a good album like this come out these days and it is exactly what metal needed right now. This is a classic heavy metal record like the older classic Judas Priest Albums. 

I'm telling you, this will be the favorite album of Death Metal fans right away just make sure to give it a chance. You'll probably get into this album on the first listen so play it a few times and you will hear that it is a classic metal album.

Don't doubt me on this, Judas Priest - Firepower is probably a number one all time classic metal album like the original days of metal in the 1980's.

This album is going to be highly acclaimed as a top metal album guaranteed. For all you newer metal fans or younger metal fans this album is what you missed in the days of Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast, which I was a little young at the time for but I remember their advertisements from when I was a kid because I always liked Kiss since I was little and Iron Maiden was always advertised next to them like when Creatures of The Night, which I got as a present on lp as a kid when it came out in like 1982 when I was like seven, and when Lick It Up came out.

This album is your chance to get on the Heavy Metal bandwagon and you can now be in on a brand new classic metal album like those 1980's Heavy Metal albums. So if you missed something like Venom - Black Metal then Judas Priest -Firepower is your chance to get in on this album because it is in the same category.

Judas Priest - Firepower is a brand new original classic heavy metal album and you need to get in on this right now when it just came out or you will miss the launch of this classic metal album. I also read that the ex-Judas Priest guitarist had to sell his royalties to the Judas Priest catalog  and is in some kind of financial crisis over a failed business venture. 

Who bought those Rob Halford? Probably.

All that just as Judas Priest puts out one of their best albums ever. I'm not saying that this is the greatest metal album ever but it's going to be high in the Top 100 Metal Albums in the future and when you say best metal bands and then you say Judas Priest in the future you will say Firepower, so you need to get on this classic metal album release right now.

If you like metal at all you need to get this album right now, it will be your favorite record. I'm not saying this will start a resurgence of classic metal but it will definitely launch a ton of new bands into a new scene. 

This album is pure classic heavy metal at is best and is a huge hit for Sony / Columbia. This album is why Judas Priest is on Sony, and is a totally commercial mainstream heavy metal hit album and will probably be number one on everyone's list this year.

So when you're not listening to Death Metal you will listen to Judas Priest - Firepower. It's albums like this that inspired acts like Metallica so get this record and you will know what it's like to be able to buy a classic metal album when it comes out, then you can always say you remember when Judas Priest - Firepower came out.

I guarantee that you will agree that this is a classic metal record like the ones from the 1980's with a Painkiller era Judas Priest feel to it with a heavy shiny polished metal sound worthy of the K-Mart heavy Metal Section in the 1980's.

When you hear this record the sound is total metal, but it doesn't have the 1980's production because they are using modern equipment giving it a new shiny clean polished heavy metal sound which totally rips on your stereo. 

The drum sound and playing on this record is huge and Judas Priest are really showing off their musicianship and song writing on this album with complex in time drum beats and polished playing which is totally in time with the guitars, not something you hear often today.  

The sound of this album is huge. 

A polished clean commercial sounding metal record with modern equipment and they are doing a classic metal album. This album is super awesome, you will agree with me if you like metal that it is your favorite record. I'm excited for this record because it's a brand new classic metal album.

The best thing about this record is the awesome clean sounding commercial production on a brand new classic metal record. Everyone will want the sound of this Judas Priest record on their album, the production on this album is so good you can't even believe how awesome it is.

Plus, there is not a bad song on this record. Give it a few plays and you will love every song on it. Judas Priest - Firepower is probably the best thing to happen to metal in many years. 

I'm telling you this is an original classic heavy metal record to go with the old Judas Priest albums in the 1980's, when you listen to this record you will know why Judas Priest is such a huge band. Anyone who likes metal can get into this record.

I will never stop saying this, most of the songs on this record are hit songs for Sony and this must be one of their best selling albums. This album must be number one at Wal-Mart, give this album to everyone for Christmas this year it is a classic metal album.

When you listen to this record you will know why parents hate Judas Priest because everyone will be saying that this album will hypnotize you and make you commit suicide like they did in the 1980's. I can practically guarantee that there will be a huge backlash against this Judas Priest album like with their older records because it feels like you are being hypnotized when you hear it, plus it has classic hypnotic artwork like the Defenders of the Faith album. 

On this record it feels like Rob Halford is hypnotizing you to commit acts of evil and lock and load you guns to obey his commands. This album is probably one of greatest metal albums ever.

That is why parents didn't let their kids listen to metal in the 1980's because they thought it would make them commit suicide. 

This classic Judas Priest record Firepower is one of those records they were complaining about, and will make you go insane. I can't stop listening to Judas Priest - Firepower because it's so awesome and I feel like I'm hypnotized to obey Judas Priest, this is so awesome I can't even believe it is out right now.

This is perfect timing for this Judas Priest album because I need a brand new classic metal album to listen to that drives you crazy. This album will drive you crazy. This is one of those albums that make people enact out scenes from it just like the ones in the 1980's in the classic days of metal.

Judas Priest - Firepower is so awesome that you will wear it out in one day and never take it off your stereo. I guarantee that this is a classic metal album that you will wear out playing it non stop. 

If you never experienced the mass hysteria around a classic metal album release like Judas Priest then you need to get this record! If you need a new classic metal album to wear out then you need to get Judas Priest - Firepower because it is the number one album of 2018 overall categories and it is a real classic metal album.

Judas Priest is going to sell ten million concert tickets with this record and they will have to do a huge blu ray concert release or something this album is so awesome.

Get in on this classic metal album release now so you can experience the hysteria of a classic metal album release right now for yourself, don't be a poser get Judas Priest - Firepower!

This is the best album you have heard in a long time, I love Judas Priest - Firepower and it is already one of my favorite records ever. You will never stop listening to Judas Priest - Firepower - get this record. 

This record review is a 10/10 and it is a classic metal album.

This new commercial metal sound is super awesome, although I play a more brutal sound the new clean polished commercial death metal and heavy metal is super awesome. It sounds like K-Mart made it or something.

Judas Priest - Firepower is the showcase album of this new clean polished commercial metal sound and it is super awesome. Everyone will want this sound on their record in most metal categories.

The clean polished commercial metal sound is probably going to be the next big thing in metal. You can hear this on Judas Priest - Firepower. 

I guarantee you will love this huge sound on Judas Priest - Firepower, a classic metal album with a brand new clean polished commercial sound. When you hear the sound on this record you will also know that it is guaranteed that this new polished commercial sound will be huge. 

Don't be lame get Judas Priest - Firepower right now! If you like metal you need this album and you need to get on this bandwagon right now for the release of a classic metal album in 2018. If you never experienced that you need this record right now. 

If you like metal don't just sit there go get this record, this is exactly what you need and just what you have been waiting for.

My favorite songs are Firepower, Never the Heroes, No Surrender and Evil Never Dies but they are all awesome!

Judas Priest - Firepower is Awesome! Go get this record and wear it out right now!

Too Awesome! Ten out of Ten in Classic Metal!


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