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Prostitution & The Metaphysical

Amsterdam Red Light District
This is a few topics mixed together to illustrate a point I am trying to make, first however the New York Yankees set the single season home run record yesterday for most runs by a team in one season a new mlb record.

The AL Wildcard game is New York against Oakland on Wednesday and the winner will face Boston in the Division best of 5 series starting next weekend. 

To show you what I am trying to say you need to get to get a few points about several topics and then when I show you what the Federal Government is doing you will understand that they are not supporting the people in Canada, or it could be in some sections of the government. 

Some of the Government functions in Canada are supporting the people and others have "fallen off the rails" into the ludicrous.  

Leading to yet again another massive Constructional Infraction against Canadian citizens this time back in 2014 they are referencing on the internet and in the case of the debated issue the resolution in Ottawa by the Federal Government is worse than the laws they were debating. 

The point there is they take these small issues in the public and then totally destroy Canada's Constitution to change the law into their favor and pass the one they want illegally, just like Nova Scotia's Sunday Shopping laws.

Now they have done the same thing again on Canada's Prostitution Laws. 

Just like the Sunday Shopping Laws, the Canadian Government pulled the same stunt in 2014 to illegally pass anti-prostitution laws just before the Conservative Government under Stephen Harper left Office. 

Both illegal laws were passed by the former Conservative Government under Stephen Harper.

Not only that the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping Law was put into place in 2006 just after the initial election of Stephen Harper, then just before the Conservatives were removed from office in the last election the same Conservative Government rammed through illegal anti prostitution laws just before they left office. 

If you are not aware, in Canada prostitution was decriminalized several years ago then the Federal Government didn't put in place new rules for prostitution. 

Then, just before leaving office they cancelled the prostitution law illegally and re-criminalized it. 

That is the definition of Unconstitutional and is illegal in any NATO Country under the United Nations. 

That means that Prostitution in Canada is Legal. 

However, you can still be charged because "police and courts" are using the illegally passed lawbook on prostitution. 

This is super important because once you know that prostitution in Canada was decriminalized and that the Federal Government illegally re-criminalized it that makes all the anti-prostitution laws illegal. 

Knowing this, any good lawyer can beat prostitution charges from the police and prosecutors if you are charged with prostitution.   

However, to use this defence in court you have to understand the regulations and arguments. Once you understand the defence arguments to beat a prostitution charge anyone could can get their charges dropped.

This made Canada's anti-prostitution laws so weak that anyone can beat the charges. 

This is because the former Conservative Government in Canada decriminalized, then they FAILED to enact regulation. 

That makes prostitution legal, however they didn't remove the laws from Canada's Criminal Code.

That means that in Canada you are no longer a criminal if you are a prostitute or purchase sex. Then, before they left office than rammed in a law that re-criminalized prostitution making you a criminal again. 

In Canada, the Federal Government is NOT ALLOWED to say you are not a criminal anymore for your "activity" , and then later take it back and make you a criminal again.

So you were small time criminal under the old prostitution laws and then they de-criminalized prostitution making you a regular citizen, then they didn't remove the laws from the criminal code, then they re-criminalized prostitution making you a criminal again.

That is the definition of Unconstitutional. 

They can't say you are criminal, then say you are not, then say you are again that is illegal. 

What that means is they have totally ruined Canada's anti-prostitution laws in Canada so bad anyone can beat the charges.   

Not only that it if the police arrest you for prostitution, it is illegal for the courts to prosecute you. Which I will explain.

Plus, they never finished the issue on correcting the criminal code for the decriminalization. They can't just abandon that and then say it's illegal again without resolving the criminal code book for the decriminalization.

The criminal code update to reflect the new laws under the decriminalization can't be abandoned, that's unconstitutional. They have to finish their previous work, which they didn't, then they made it illegal again.

That means that prostitution today is totally open in Canada and unregulated.  However, you need to know how the laws work.

The police will still arrest you because it is in the criminal code, but the Court can't prosecute you because the law is illegal. You have to tell that to the judge if you go to court, when the judge hears your case they will have to side with you, if they don't they are breaking your constitutional rights and you will get a million dollar settlement.

My opinion on the topic is that the Conservative Government under Stephen Harper, decriminalized prostitution to stay in office, then they waited to correct the criminal code.

Then when they knew they were going to be defeated by the Liberals they illegally re-criminalized prostitution to "stick it to the citizens" for not voting for them. Totally illegal. 

This is a long topic. 

Knowing that this is what happed in Canada means that you can beat ANY prostitution charges because the judge will be breaking your constitutional rights by having the hearing. 

How to block the Canadian Courts from Prosecuting You For Prostitution:

If you are charged with prostitution by the police begin a civil court lawsuit against the police officers personally and then begin suing the Provincial Courts as soon as you are charged. 

Then tie up the Provincial Court System with Civil Court lawsuits saying you are being charged unconstitutionally for prostitution because the federal government de-criminalized prostitution and then never corrected the criminal code to reflect the decriminalization law, which everyone is waiting for.

Then tell them they unconstitutionally re-criminalized prostitution without finishing the issue of the criminal code update, something everyone in Canada is waiting for. 

After this any good lawyer can defend your case and you can't lose, that's because it's obviously unconstitutional and in Canada's Court would be the easiest case to defend that they would have.

Your case will tie up the Canadian court system indefinitely, which means they can't prosecute you for prostitution while the civil court case is in progress because it is a constitutional matter.

When the Civil Court rules in your favor then the Criminal Prosecution Charges will be dropped because they already lost a case to you in Civil Court for pressing charges, then they can't prosecute.

Making Prostitution Legal, but you will have to defend it in court but you can't lose if you know the laws.

Prostitution however should be regulated, hopefully someone or another part of the Government today will step in to help regulate prostitution for safety etc. until the law books are corrected.

In Canada today, if you open a brothel like in Amsterdam or have girls come to your residence for prostitution once you open your operation like a business the police and courts can't shut it down because they will be facing massive lawsuits.

The prostitutes will get fines and charges and face jail time, then they will al be awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in damages from the Government. 

I guarantee that it is not worth it in Canada for the Courts and Police to try and shut down your brothel because they can be held personally responsible for civil damages from their homes for pressing illegal charges against you. 

Prostitution Is Not Illegal In Canada But You Will Have To Defend It In Court
Then, Canada's Courts and Federal Government will lose hundreds of millions of dollars for trying to illegally shut down a brother that brings in $300,000 a year as an "escort service".  Plus, the individuals in the courts system can be sued at home for pressing the charges.  

Basically, the Canadian Prostitution Laws in the court system have been destroyed so bad by illegal tampering from the Federal Government that anyone can beat prostitution charges because all the laws are unconstitutional now or have been passed unconstitutionally or both. 

The point there is the regular Canadian government has no culture. They have no connection to any European culture, music, art or anything. 

All they have is an old block of un-sanded wood that nobody wants. 

All they do is just stifle everyone in Canada and create an un European like environment where no one has any room to express themselves creatively or be exposed to anything artistic or participate in things that everyone wants, like prostitution for example, then they are the most boring people to ever exist and are like an old un-sanded wood block yelling at you all the time, stifling your creativity and expression.

When I was a kid and a teenager in Canada way back in the 1900's if you weren't around back then everything just felt like some old man yelling at you all the time who hates everything you do and doesn't want you to have anything.  

When I grew up what I found out is that these people yelling at me as a teenager all the time were the most boring people to ever exist. Then I came to find out it was all coming from people like executives from Companies like Sobeys who illegally changed the Sunday Shopping and their business partners in Canada's Federal and Provincial Government, and all reporting to some disconnected branch of the Canadian Government, essentially a bunch of pricks.

Then they are so boring. That is one of the things I hate about them the most is how boring their topics are, like they have no artistic culture in Canada but people do it anyway and it's big in Quebec where it's French and then have no background setting in Canada for artists to strive like they would in European Countries and places like in Amsterdam and Germany where they have things like prostitution and art. 

Then it's some old man yelling at you all day like an old un-sanded wood block while he "passes illegal laws for Sunday Shopping" so all his boring old friends can make extra money, then they decriminalize and recriminalize to suit their election needs for their political party illegally, that is the most boring thing to ever exist.

They are the most boring pricks to ever exist and all they care about are things like an old un-sanded wood block, or selling their potatoes on Sunday. 

Then none of them have any culture at all, and are not artistic. In a nut shell, I hate them to death. 

Then they try and tell me I shouldn't play Death Metal and I should be boring like them, then I would have nothing like they do and their supporters but except for an un-sanded block of wood and an old man yelling at you for your entire life.

So it makes me happy when they fail in the Canadian Court System in the Parliament in Ottawa and ruin their own law books, and now we can have things that are artistic and expressive like prostitutes.  

When I am given the opportunity to help block them in the Canadian courts form enforcing their stifling laws on the public which were illegally enacted I am more than willing to stick it back to them so that their phony legislature doesn't pass in the public.

Telling people how to beat prostitution charges in the court system to block illegally run sections of the Canadian Federal Government from the public and helping brothels win millions of dollars in damages only serves my interests as an artist and hopefully some day their incineration in Ottawa will serve as some kind of artistic expression. 

These people in Canada's Government need to be removed from blocking the public on things everyone wants like prostitution, hopefully artistic expression will also play a role in their removal.

The point there is all art should be like Death Metal and then when the Government looks at it they will know that their phony laws will not pass and they should not have come to Canada to try and enforce them. 

What I mean is if the entire public agrees that they want prostitution or need $200 a month check increases the Government has no place in stopping it. 

In a majority rules system like in Canada, if everyone wants to have something like that then one person in the Government is not allowed to say no. If we all agree and the government says no then they are no longer the Government because they do not support the public majority's interests so they will be removed. 

They just can't sit there doing it anyway and giving orders plus that is illegal. 

Basically, if everyone wants something then if they vote no in the Parliament the public will remove them through the court system, protest, riots etc. 

Thinking about where these wood block like people come from anyway yelling at you your whole life led me into some research into the History Books. Yes, you say they are like the 1950's which there are and "The 60's" for example is a good retaliation to that, but where did the 1950's mentality of these people come from and why are they still around, oh wait I do know that...they are hanging on to some disconnected branch of the Canadian government like some relic from the Dominion of Canada in in 1913.

They are like a disease in the public that we can't get rid of holding on illegally to some government function and hiding in the 1950's while issuing mass doses of boredom and constitutional infractions. 

Tracing their origins of these people has led me to a conclusion, their mentality comes from the resolution of the American Civil War in the United States in 1865. 

The United States of America after 1865 probably issued strict conditions on citizens to re-establish a unified United States in the late 1800's leading to strict conditions on the public to prevent civil war. 

This strict mentality led into the 1900's and World War One and World War Two creating the strict mentality known as the 1950's mentality where you're not allowed doing anything because the government has to stop the civil war again or something.

Then everyone has to stay home and not do anything because some old man doesn't like it because there's some war going on plus all his friends are stealing from the government and they don't want anyone saying anything. 

Eventually this got to me at some point where I rebelled permanently falling into a world of heavy metal, drugs and sluts everywhere. 

Needless to say, a better place than the Federal Government has to offer. 

The only problem I see when it comes to prostitution is that if I was down there all the time I'd probably fall in love with all the prostitutes and then I'd be thinking about them all the time when I was home and wanting to be around them all the time. 

In Amsterdam prostitution doesn't seem to be that expensive about $75 Canadian for 20 Minutes, not enough time for me thought if I had a prostitute, I would end up spending way more money than that on them. That's not very expensive though since the girls look like they are from adult entertainment  movies.

If I was with a prostitute like they have in Amsterdam I would need her to come to my house for the entire day. That's because I'd need to have her dress up like in an adult movie or something and then I'd want to have dinner with her and stuff and she's be all dressed up like in an adult movie and I'd be cooking and stuff with her there and doing some kind of fantasy like we're making dinner while she's all dressed up and stuff and doing all this dirty role playing all day. 

So,  I would need way more than 20 minutes for all that, I couldn't find much about Amsterdam's Red Light District but here is a clip someone made about it:

Finally, you need to hear about the metaphysical to get my entire point here. So you'll need to hear the cult brainwashing part to understand my complete point. 

The Metaphysical
So I am into metaphysical stuff about spiritualty and enlightenment and several years ago I read most of the material available at the time on the subjects. 

I am saying metaphysical because if your read and understand that material you will be in a different more open mindset.

The problem I have with spirituality, enlightenment and books about the metaphysical is that some companies making the books all put scams in the material to get you to buy from them and then they include misinformation. 

I would take about 65% of the material in the metaphysical category and that's the good part then after that authors throw in their own beliefs and try and sell books and stuff and people run scams in them for the bulk of the material but I give it about 65% good quality in their books and then after that the last sections "fall off" and are scams and stuff in them.

I am bringing up the metaphysical because a lot of those books try and help you deal with these kinds of topics. 

This is the metaphysical part to get the mindset:

Think of the universe and the planet, how that was made is by the galaxies and solar systems and planets all spinning, then the materials that made the planet came from outer space.

So all the materials inside the planet came from the solar system spinning all those lose materials into a ball.

So technically, your body as a human had it's materials come from outer space. Meaning, that your body came from lose materials in outer space that formed when the planet was created. Then the planet spinning created the human body of those materials....somehow. 

So, when you are conceived as a baby your body grows out of those materials that formed the planet from the spinning of the solar system which fused all the raw material from outer space to ceate the thing that makes your body.

So your body comes from material from outer space, that were fused into the planet when it was created by the spinning of the solar system.

Then when you die, your body is "disassembled" and returned to those raw materials of the planet.

So before you are alive, what will become your body is hidden in the planets materials....then it grows into you when you are conceived. All those materials come form the planet, which came from outer space.

Then when you die, you body decomposes and is returned to those raw materials of the planet in a different state. 

So you shouldn't be worried about death and knowing this stuff take the pressure off. That is something that happens to everyone. 

Before you are born, you were made of the raw materials of the planet that grew into you, then when you die your body decomposes and is returned to the state of raw material that it came from.

So whatever made you that's where it came from and then it goes back, into raw materials which originally came from outer space, that all fused from the spinning of the solar system and all fused together which made the thing that makes you.

Thinking about that stuff can take the pressure off you, knowing that someday you will be returned to the planets raw materials like where you came from, which originated in outer space.

So that make all your feelings and it makes boys and girls totally different. 

That's where all your feelings would have came from, so if everyone decides that we all want something then who is some old man who is like a boring un sanded wood block with no culture and stealing from the government to tell everyone no. 

As a person, you are supposed to hate him for that. 

If everyone wants something they have to say yes. 

I mentioned before on this blog how boys and girls are different. I have another example of how to understand this.

Boys are simple, however to understand a girl it is like going to the art gallery and getting an artist to explain the meaning of his painting or sculpture.

You're probably not going to get it. When a guy is listening to a girl it's like she's trying to explain some sculpture at an art gallery and the guy has no idea what she's talking about. 

To a guy to just give him a stick and he'll go hit a fence with it for the day and that's enough for him to be happy, he doesn't need anything and that's all he's doing and it's enough for him.

Girls, have all these extra feelings and stuff and are more sensitive and stuff and they need all this extra stuff like purses and stuff. 

When a girl tells this to a guy he probably doesn't know what she's talking about and it's like hearing an artist explaining what's in the art but you can't see it, other artists might but you can't. 

Other girls will understand them, but guys mostly won't get it just like the art at the art gallery. 

That's just one of the ways boys and girls are different 

So girls will think differently on every topic etc. and guys don't know what they are talking about in general terms of course. If a girl has a reason for doing something it might be for a girl reason and guys might not get that. 

To put all that in this context is how is an old man in Ottawa going to understand them? 

He is just an old boring wood block with no culture and their boring and all stealing from the government, they don't understand what girls would want. 

If girls want something passed that everyone wants these old men in Ottawa has no business telling them no, they don't even know what anything is.

The same as artists, these old men don't understand artists and just tell them all no when they said yes.

The guys, girls, artists etc. all agree and that's the majority of the public and if we all want something to pass it goes in or they will be removed from office.

That's because they don't represent us, everyone hates them and they are not our leadership. 

No one in the public is going to listen to boring old men from the 1950's mentality of oppression and stifling of creativity and artistic expression when they don't understand anything, have no culture and every topic is boring like Sunday Shopping and then all their friends are just in their stealing money. 

All those people need to go and get out of the way of the public so we can all have the things we want and we are the majority so we get it. Then no one will listen to these old un-sanded wood block people from 1913 in Ottawa who are boring with no artistic expression. 

I hope you understand the point I am making about these people, they have to get out of the public's way and are out of date, boring and are criminals in the open in the Federal Government.


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