Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Inside The World Of Paid Dating

Paid Dating Is Out
When I first read this I thought what is paid dating? 

Then I read the article. Paid dating is women are setting up profiles and asking for men to pay them to go on a date with them, they said in the article that they were doing that because they were working a low pay job in data entry and there was nothing going on. 

Then they noticed other women had all this fancy stuff posted on Instagram that they bought from going on paid dates. Like new handbags and stuff. 

Then they decided to try going on paid dates while working in low pay data entry.

This article is a pretty good read.

Personally, I like the idea of paid dating. It really takes the pressure off when you're trying to meet someone. 

It's hard to get to know people and meet them, then if you want to go on a date you can just go on a website and look at profiles and pick out a girl and pay her to go on a date with you. 

Then there is no awkwardness when trying to meet someone, so if you are super busy instead of asking a girl out you can just look at her picture and pay her to go out to dinner with you with no obligations.

I think that is a great idea, you just pay a girl to go on a date with you. That makes dating super easy, and if she rejects you at least you got to take her on a date first, so you'll get one date out of it anyway. That's more than some guys can get from a girl they like. 


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