Friday, September 28, 2018

UPDATE: Blog and Gossip Update September 2018

Blog & Gossip Update
This is short topic update for stories I have been posting on this blog. 


MLB - This is the last weekend of the MLB Season, be sure to check out the Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees series this weekend for the last regular season Red Sox / Yankees Series.

MLB Playoff Wildcard Games are I think Monday and Tuesday with Round One of the Playoffs Thursday or Friday. 

Looks like the National League Wild Card Game will be L.A. Dodgers vs. Milwaukee Brewers.

American League Wild Card Game will be New York Yankees vs. Oakland Athletics, the winner will face the Boston Red Sox in the Round 1 Best of Five Games Playoff.   

If you don't understand the Wildcard Playoff Spots, after the three division champions are determined in each league (American and National) the next two best teams in each league  (New York and Oakland for example in the American League) play a one game playoff for the last Division Series Playoff Spot.

So, New York versus Boston this weekend for the last regular season series for them then New York plays Oakland for a one game playoff I think Tuesday and then the winner plays Boston in the first Playoff Round on I think Friday. 

-NFL Season is Underway

-NHL Season is currently in preseason games. 


Adult Entertainment:

Regarding my earlier post about "outside porn displays" I am told that I don't know what girls are talking about anyway and no one does. Apparently guys don't know what girls are talking about anyway. 

If they have the outside porn thing everyone knows what guys are doing their, they are looking at girls. 

I am told that girls will go anyway and I "don't know what they are talking about". This is because girls go to the bathroom in groups and all do their makeup together etc. so apparently it's ok for them to go to that because they want to see what the girls there are doing then they can compare themselves to the adult actresses or something to judge their own appearance or something.

Then they would want to see their clothes and stuff like that, and apparently girls can go watch that and it's different for them to do that because they are not like guys, who wouldn't go near it if other guys were there naked.

Girls however, I am told can go to that stuff anyway and watch it in some kind of sterile environment like doing their makeup together or something and it's not the same as being a lesbian. This just tells me that girls are on a different planet anyway and can do all that, with guys however it has to be a yes or no only situation but girls can go watch all that stuff together apparently and it's "no big deal" I am told.

Girls I guess just want to go see what the other girls are doing I guess on some girl planet, and then see their clothes and stuff and compare themselves to them and just to see what they are doing. Although some girls may be going to watch the adult erotica part just like the guys, it doesn't have to be that way I am informed and that girls can just "be their anyway" to see what other girls are doing just because they are there, plus girls may go to that to watch the guys looking at the adult actress or they may be trying to meet men there.   

That is too complicated for me or any guy I am sure, I would just be going to see naked girls and that's it, if girls are going to go watch that I would have to say I am in favor of it. 


If you read this blog I wrote a post a while back about catching your partner cheating by seeing your stuff at their house when you visit or your partner having someone else's stuff in your house.

For example, you visit someone's house and you say "oh I have one of them" but what you didn't know is that they got the idea for it from your bedroom when they were there behind your back having an affair with your partner.

I have heard that some people have been busted and got brutally divorced over that stuff recently and maybe later I'll share that story on this blog later without revealing any names. 


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