Monday, September 2, 2019

Now I Am In Disarry

Back to my diary...what a way to end the Summer 2019. God man, annoying. Now everything is in disarray around here but everything is fine. It's just the thoughts of all the hassles I'm going to have in the next little while resolving issues that aren't my fault.

What a way to ruin Labor Day weekend. I'm trying to calm down and not spazz about all the hassle that was created for me this month. I mean why would it be something so annoying like that to happen with court stuff. 

Now I feel like I'm getting ripped off on everything and I need a clean start now away from bills and stuff and cheaper rent to have more money I can use for better stuff. What a piss off man, I can't even believe how mad I am now that's it's calming down.


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