Saturday, September 7, 2019

Here Is A Story I Have About All The Incidents That Happened To Me Years Ago & Presently

I'm just sitting here in Halifax / Dartmouth (It's the same City) during the Hurricane Dorian warning and I just thought I would share a story with everyone since the City's pretty shut down. Both the big malls The Mic Mac Mall and The Halifax Shopping Center are both closed today and the city transit shuts down at noon. 

There is also a voluntary evacuation in the area if you live near the Ocean.

I'm working from my laptop which I usually do so that if the power goes out you don't lose your work because of the batteries, like for music editing and stuff it's good to use a good quality laptop so that if the power goes out you can save your work, it's also good to have a second monitor hooked up to your laptop when you're editing music for the extra screen so that you can have all your studio software open at the same time on your laptop and your VST Plugins open in a second computer screen, for your extra studio stuff - just some advice.

So that's all that's going on right now with me during the hurricane, now this hurricane has got me in the mood to share a story about something else that happened when I was flamed years ago from the staff at my old office because I wouldn't give them my work for free at their house, then they flamed me on the internet from Halifax and tried to ruin my band, I doubt any of those people are even around anymore in music these days.

Here is another story I have about that because of my recent lawsuit has brought this to light, at the same time I also got harassed by bill collectors when I quit my job and moved in my hometown in New Glasgow, NS.

Like these people right follow me around harassing me and then sending me fake notices and stuff for bills, that also happened at the same time. 

This is at the same time I got flamed, I'm sharing this because other people may have similar stories. 

It started with Student Loan in 2005-2006 when they broke my agreement for Interest Relief and falsely sent me to debt collection and wouldn't wait for my additional income statements breaking the deal I had with them and ruining my credit report.

Then they refused to retract it, that was just after they made it mandatory in Ottawa that a bad student debt never comes off your Equifax Report and also at the same time as the Sunday Shopping Referendum Incident in Nova Scotia.

After that they broke my deal for interest relief from the staff at their offices to ruin my credit and then wouldn't retract, when I wrote then they told me they have no files to show me anything and that they could not provide proof that I had a student loan agreement because it got sent to collections and they couldn't retract. 

That just happened to me again with a different party.

What they tried to say was at student loan if your debt got sent to collections wrongfully that they no longer had files and couldn't fix the report at Equifax lying and I told them off, today it's not even relevant that I had a student loan and all that was just lies and I told them off and ignored them.

Then in 2008 they got into it with me at work and tried to steal my work for my Project Management Certification and I quit my job and then they all flamed me.

After this, I moved. 

Student loan contacted me form Halifax and said that "someone reported me in my hometown for working and not paying my loan payments" which was a lie when I was between jobs then they started brutally harassing me and wouldn't reveal who reported me in my hometown to them. 

Like they were looking for money and then wouldn't reveal who reported me for working then lying and saying I wasn't paying them. Then I didn't have to pay them anything and told them off. They also refused to file my paperwork in Halifax from the Revenue Canada and I reported them for it.

Then at the same time they tried to collect wrongfully on me again from General Motors from my old car loan.

After I quit my job at Sobeys General Motors in New Glasgow tried to debit 10 Payments out of my account from their financing company in three weeks and racked my NSF fees up to $1700 without permission.

So I got this debt from the bank for my $24,000 Car for $1700 saying that my payments were late and they tried to take it out ten times in three weeks and it all went NSF and the bank tried to charge me $1700 in NSF fees.

I told them I was going to have the account audited and that General Motors did not have permission to debit my account ten times in three weeks. Then I never had to pay the NSF fees and a short time later the General Motors Car dealership in New Glasgow, NS closed.

Later when student loan bothered me lying saying I was working and refused to tell me who reported it from Halifax I got a collection notice from General Motors looking for car payments from some collection agency, then they started brutally harassing me.

When I asked them to produce my car loan papers to prove that I had a car loan from them they said they didn't have it just like student loan and they wanted all this money from me, I put the run to them and threatened to sue them and they never came back and I didn't have to pay anything. 

The Student Loan Branch and The General Motors Financing both did that to me, when I worked at Sobeys and after I quit at the same time their staff was harassing me for  my work stuff from my Project Management Certification Hours stuff and bothering me for money.

Both times they had no proof that I owed them anything at Student Loan or General Motors and I never had to pay them anything.

After this, the YMCA stared sending me bills for my family gym membership that I had bought through Sobeys when I didn't even go there anymore trying to make me pay debts I didn't owe.

So all that was pretty bad.

After that I moved to Halifax.

Here in Halifax they pulled this stunt on me at two Dentists offices, one said they didn't take government insurance and wouldn't take $3000 dollars in payments at all from the Nova Scotia Government for my dental work, the other dentist wouldn't take it either because they wanted me to pay $200 cash on the 20% I had to cover.

That dentist in Halifax said I needed root canals and later the new dentist said it wasn't necessary. The first dentist gave me a $3000 bill and wanted 20% up front for the work.

I started paying on the debt and owed $200 and then they stopped and told me that they couldn't take the $3000 dollars in Government Insurance because I owed them $200.  Then they sent me a collection notice saying they wanted me to pay them $200 after refusing to take $3000 in insurance for root canals. 

Then they told me that "The dentist needed his money." The $200 Cash or they didn't want $3000 form the insurance company so I left and put the run to them.

Their might also be some other smaller incidents that I can't remember. 

Then just this summer they intervened on my back debts for money I didn't owe with a false court summons that I have to resolve now with lawyers. I can't really say anything about that right now but everything is fine anyway.

Do you see all that? That's at the same time I was being flamed from the staff in my old office at Sobeys in my hometown plus people playing in music in my hometown and around the "metal scene" in the North End of Halifax.

Every time nothing happened, I never had to pay anything plus their businesses closed right after some of them like General Motors in New Glasgow, NS which reopened later under new ownership.

Do you people following me nipping at my shoe heels like a sick animal harrassing me with fake collection notices get that yet or what?

Get lost pricks. You're always in court and going out of business now fuck off.


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