Sunday, September 29, 2019

Climate Change Protests

Climate Change Protests
I read some politicians are calling the recent Climate Change Protests immature, well it is a bunch if kids doing that so I wouldn't expect too much. I mean they are all in like Grade Primary or Grade One or something. Anyway, I saw them all over the place this week protesting Climate Change.

You know Greta Thunberg. Meet 15 other young climate activists taking on world leaders:

The point to all that is this group of kids is filing a complaint at the United Nations against several Countries in Europe including Germany to be the last countries to cut their factory emissions. Apparently there are only a few countries left to adopt the new emissions standards and this group of kids is protesting them to put in the new regulations.

They are also asking for new government services and supports to adopt to Climate Change by offering new programs to help citizens during events like hurricanes which we have not had to deal with before.

In Halifax the Dartmouth North Community Center was in the news this week because they have set up a new program to combine the Public Library, Food Banks and Food Services to offer residents a place to go to have breakfast three times a week or something and then I think they are saying they are offering them help to food services like Feed Nova Scotia and food banks and also offering free public internet and access to recreation programs like sports etc.

Dartmouth North Community Center:

I think their program at the Dartmouth North Community is a good example of what they are asking for in the Climate Change Protests which offer more direct supports to local citizens and giving them a place to go for help during events like hurricanes or other storms etc. during events like power outages in the area.

New services like this to help citizens adopt to Climate Change I think are a good idea for these kids to be protesting for so we can have new services to help citizens during the Climate Change.


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