Friday, September 20, 2019

The Origins Of Thrash Metal

Venom - Welcome To Hell - 1981
Most people don't know what Heavy Metal is and see my band and often ask I the first Death Metal band? 

That's because they know me but not the other bands, the answer is no I am not the first Death Metal band, however my music is Death Metal and Black Metal mixed together with Lead Guitar in it which makes me stand out in the Death Metal category because no one is doing that but no, I am not the first Death Metal band. 

People ask me is this like the Sex Pistols or something when they see my band? Thinking that Death Metal is only something that I play like Punk Music with the Sex Pistols. 

When the Sex Pistols played in 1977 everyone thought that punk music was only that one band but it wasn't and when the band broke up and Sid Vicious died of a heroin overdose all the music media thought punk was dead because the Punk Category was only one band, the Sex Pistols, and that it would not continue.  

Like some people think I'm the whole Death Metal music category because they never heard of it but they know me and like my music. So no, there is other bands in Death Metal.

The Punk Music scene around the Sex Pistols in 1977 was also the start of bands like The Misfits and The Dead Kennedys who started at the same time as the Sex Pistols. People like Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only from the Misfits started in the same Punk scene in 1977 around the Sex Pistols.

So if you don't know who Danzig is or Jerry Only that is the same scene as the Sex Pistols in New York City and the "origins of Danzig" which is where he started and why he is Danzig along with Jerry Only who was prominent in the Punk scene with the Misfits around New York City in the late 1970's in the scene with the Sex Pistols which is where the Misfits come from.

Thrash Metal started at the same time, Venom released their album "Welcome To Hell" in 1981 followed by Metallica and Slayer in 1983, that all launched the large Thrash Metal scene two years later in 1984-1985 in the big thrash craze with bands like Destruction, Possessed, Sodom etc. 


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