Monday, September 2, 2019

I Was Just Referrencing This Material In An Earlier Blog Post

Representation Of Mass Extinction
This is in relation to the Mid Atlantic Subduction Zone or whatever it's called. Large mass extinction on Earth 420 Million Years ago wiped out 23% of life in the Ocean. They also have a huge fossil finds record of that, that's pretty interesting that this topic came up. I mean, I was just saying that too in a different article on this page.

Obviously, this mass extinction that took place back then is my favorite extinction in the archeological record. How I remember that is that it was from high oxygen levels in the atmosphere, now they are saying that it was from low oxygen in the water they are saying now.

So that is perfect timing for what I am talking about on my page. 

Maybe the low oxygen in the water and high oxygen in the air were the same event, like a comet impact or massive sudden tectonic plate shift. 


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