Monday, September 16, 2019

Saudi Oil Attack: What Year Is This Story From?

Come Off It.
What year is this story from? I mean why do people think we are going to believe this crap. 

What are they running a story from 50 years ago or what? Do you know how out of date this news story is?

US Response To Drone Attack:

One Saudi Oil facility blew up or something or was attacked by "drones" in a remote Country in Africa, crippling the world's oil supply.

What do they think that we only have three television stations still? Come off it people we're not in the Middle East where this story is coming from.

Like this, let's say this was an would one oil facility in a different hemisphere attack cripple our oil supply on North America. Not only that we have our own oil, if anything this just shows that we need to expand our own oil pipes line inside the United States and Canada to have more local oil accessibility.

They are trying to say that the world's oil runs out of one office building in Africa and if it gets damaged our prices go up. News flash, that has nothing to do with Canada. 

Everyone knows that there are tons of oil refineries locally that are not affected by this. 

Then if this was Iran or Iraq through Yemen they are arguing about on the news that is the same thing over there that has been going on since the 1960's when Saddam Hussein rose to power in Iraq. Rebels there are continuously challenging for power in those Countries and they have no stability.

Plus it was a drone, come off it people how powerful could that have been? Like what a zero?

Then if the facility was so important why was it left open to small drone attack? Like, shouldn't they be guarding that locally. We're not talking about thousands of Scud Missiles here people it was a drone done locally, if it had been from further out it would have been shot down.  

Plus this attack comes just in time for the United States and Canada Federal Elections plus in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

I mean what year do they live in over there?

Do you really think that a small drone attack on one facility in a Country remote as Saudi Arabia on a foreign continent in a different Hemisphere has anything to do with Canada? It doesn't, plus no one cares.

I mean why do they think that our Countries are so weak here that one drone attack will affect global oil prices and the United States and Canada Federal Elections. 

It doesn't and no one cares about this 1950's mentality on the news with these attacks and fake policies. 

Come off it people, a done attack over there does no affect us at all. Then they use that to increase oil prices...well, arrest them then for fraud.

Like that is so fake you can't even believe it, we don't have the society here that they are claiming on the news in that story and if it is true then it depends on one contract from Africa for all the world's oil prices and three channels on the tv in the 1950's to pass it off.

Everyone knows none of that is real and it's fake news even if the attack was real. 

It is not possible to disrupt the world's oil supply with a drone attack in the year 2019 or interfere with our election processes in the United States and Canada. That is so out of date you can't even believe they would run the story.

Personally I think this is fake news and some kid of accident but who cares anyway because it has nothing to do with Canada because we are independent of Africa and do not rely on one oil plant there to maintain our Country, that is all fake even if the attack was true.


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