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Heavy Metal Controversy: Was Their A Rivarly Between The Bands Death & Possessed

Why Was Band Leader Jeff Beccera From Possessed Shot?
Now I am just saying this to stir up controversy in the Death Metal community so don't take it too seriously, like I'm just trying to generate some hype or something like the Biggie / Tupac rivalry and maybe get Death Metal fans going and help promote the scene with controversial material.

Don't take this too seriously, I'm just making it up because that's kind of what it sounds like! 

Right to the point...Was Jeff Beccera shot in a cover for a robbery because he started the term "Death Metal" against rivals from around the band Death in the Heavy Metal scene?

I am getting this material from knowledge I have anyway plus the documentary "Death: Death By Metal" and a recent interview clip with Jeff Becerra on the creation of Death Metal from their new album promotional clips.

In "Death By Metal" they say Chuck Schuldiner went to Toronto to play with the band Slaughter (Slaughter - Strappado) and then quite, from research in music it shows that "Death - Scream Bloody Gore" the first album in the Death Metal music category used similar rhythm and drum tracks that appeared on the Slaughter album although they were cleaned up.

After this Chuck Schuldiner went to California and then made "Death - Scream Bloody Gore"  and included the almost exact vocal style on the record as Jeff Becerra from Possessesd.

Jeff Becerra says in a new interview that he met Chuck Schuldiner in California and that Chuck Schuldiner was showing him guitar riffs and "wanted to know everything from him about Possessed".

So after Chuck Schuldiner played with Slaughter he went to Jeff Becerra from Possessed, well after the "Possessed - Seven Churches" record was released, and did the same thing to him as he did to Slaughter, he got him to reveal all his information about how he made Possessed or something and then copied his vocals to add to the Slaughter rhythm sound. 

Jeff Becerra says in the new interview the Chuck Schuldiner played him early versions of the songs from "Death - Scream Bloody Gore"  and then told him "see he sounded just like Jeff Becerra" and that he made the band Death a "Death Metal" band in a new music category for Combat Records. 

Chuck Schildiner then added his own lead guitar to the songs along with Jeff Becerra's vocal style and Slaughter's cleaned up rhythm style to make "Death - Scream Bloody Gore".

Jeff Becerra then says that he was doing meth with Chuck Schuldiner and that Chuck Schuldiner was also on multiple hits of acid, so they were around drug dealers involved in crime who were dealing hard drugs like meth and acid. 

Shortly after this Jeff Becerra was shot in a robbery he says and that ended the band Possessed. After this he says "Death - Scream Bloody Gore" came out and Jeff Becerra says it was super successful at the time. However in reality it failed commercially and was closed by Sony in 1995.

My question is did people in the music scene shoot Jeff Becerra so that the scene around the band Death could be a "huge band" in Death Metal so they could steal the Death Metal term for the band Death and launch a scene off it?

I am not pointing fingers here and it is just a controversy but the people around the band "Death" have a bad reputation to deal with and are known for not fulfilling contracts being poor and not having gear plus apparently scamming and ripping people off.

So there seems to be crime and scams around the band Death...my question is was that the real cause of the shooting of Jeff Becerra from Possessed who was paralyzed in the attack? 

Was this a Biggie / Tupac type rivalry or something? 

Then other people used a robbery as a cover to shoot him to steal the "Death Metal" category and then back the band Death for Combat Records?

I mean people could have done that around the band Death to steal the term "Death Metal" and then make a "music scene" out of it to launch new bands in a scam, then they would promote Death to Combat Records in 1987 and try to get their bands on Combat after Jeff Becerra was shot from the music scene launched by Possessed when they tried to steal the "Death Metal Scene" by shooting him.

You be the judge, but it all looks a little suspect based on new Documentary footage.


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