Thursday, September 5, 2019

I Caught The Government Covering Up The News

White Sands Exposed Publically In Government Coverup
Oh I just got up and I'm super tired from running around for two weeks doing court stuff, back to school everyone.

Look at this, remember the Donald Trump border wall lawsuit from White Sands Military base?

Guess what happened? They covered it up.

Like this, when the Government messes something up and the public starts complaining they kill the story and then pretend nothing happened and then say something else. Like they don't offer any accountability, then they wait for the public to forget about it.

Judge Dismisses White House Lawsuit:

I'm pretty sure that's the same case, they put the story out off major news headlines and I never saw it on the main news pages. They put it on Then they ignored the issue.

I know for a fact I did not see that on major news because I have been watching for it, then they issued the new story.

Yesterday they put out the new story on major news headlines telling everyone where the border wall funding was coming from.

That's the story of the money coming from White Sands and them.

White Sands Was Home To The Trinity Nuclear Bomb Test In 1945

See, that was all over the news yesterday with no resolution to the illegal defense contractor lawsuit claiming they owned California and White Sands Military base.

So that is all gone now and they covered it up. 

Now watch, I bet they all got executed for Treason and now they're covering that up too.

Then in a few years right, they'll be this article show up on Wikipedia that will show they got executed when they try and cover up the story, like the Viola Desmond, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks case.

Viola Desmond died in New York City the same week Malcolm X was assassinated. I also just have to mention that Voila Desmond was from the North End of Halifax so Malcolm X has a historic connection to the North End and Downtown Halifax for the Civil Rights movement, aka Post World War 2 Black Panthers Military Group from Africa..

That's what they do, they don't respond to the public's complaints. Then they wait and don't retract the story to get people to forget. Then they issue a new story and pretend it didn't happen not resonding to the public.

In this case it was treason in the United States by Defense Contractors that they covered up, you watch they will all be gone now, probably executed in secret by the Government.


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