Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Business "Sobeys" From Canada Is Not Even Possible

Listen to this the business Sobeys form Pictou County, Nova Scotia is not even possible.

I worked there when I did my Project Management Certification hours just after I graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in 2005.

Before that they were well known for having a failed SAP Computer System implementation, when I was there I working directly on the design of their SAP System and we had two successful implementations when I was working on their core functionality.

Then when I finished my certification hours their old staff tried to steal my work and cancel my promotion and run my projects from their desk and have me as some kind of secretary making their job for them while I didn't get paid for my promotion and then they cancelled project credit hours which is not even real and I quit.

At the same time they "sued" the Nova Scotia Government over the Sunday Shopping Referendum and the Court awarded them the case over the voters of Nova Scotia which is not even real.

After that they sold all their movie theaters and were bought by Cineplex. 

Then again they lost billions of dollars in failed computer integrations when they bought the store "Safeway" in Western Canada and couldn't get their business integrated, that might have happened twice since then I can't remember.

After that they had a bunch of layoffs and then offered "employment counseling" for fired staff who they wanted to go back after they laid them off to help them with job training to find new employment at other businesses for free, not paid after they were fired. All in the news, like they represented the Unemployment Office for fired staff at their business.

Then recently they opened new stores called "Freshco" by delaying credit payments to suppliers so they they could sell the food in discount stores before they paid their debts back, so they got credit and then delayed the payments to open to new stores and sell the food discounted before they even paid for it.

Then they made two hours per week in their stores or something "sensory friendly" for autistic people by turning the lights down a few hours a week so that autistic patients could shop there with the lights tuned down so that it wouldn't bother their senses. 

Then they started manufacturing their own vegetarian hamburgers.

After that they announced they were no longer carrying plastic bags in their stores and now customers have to carry food home in paper bags or something.

Then they are saying all this stupid stories on the news. 

Now today they are saying that their food in their warehouses didn't go bad during Hurricane Dorian because they moved all the perishable items out of their warehouses and stored them in refrigerated trucks with gas powered generators during the hurricane with no notice during a power outage when everyone was at home, plus that never happened at the retail stores because everyone was down there and they were closed with the power out.

That's to get people to keep buying food from their meat and frozen foods sections when it is probably bad from the power outage from the Hurricane.

I have never heard of a "business" in my life to have any of those things happen real or imaginary like they have at "Sobeys".


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