Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Hurricane Update

I dunno everyone, my only advice right now in Atlantic Canada that I can think of is to be careful with what you eat because the food might be bad. I looked around a little bit and the stores seem pretty cleaned out.

Then they are still selling all the boxed meats and milk with this weeks expiration dates on it after no power. Shoppers Drug Mart was pretty empty.

I mean the food warehouses also had no power so their restocks on store shelves might even be worse that the food in the actual stores. I really don't know what to think about all that yet but my only advice is to eat minimal and not eat the meat and produce and stuff.

School is back open now and it looks like everything is trying to get back to normal but the food is not. People are at work but I can't see many business have many customers during the "food crisis", I mean who is going to be regular shopping when you need food money and the food might be bad.

It's good that things are getting going though with Government and Schools opening, but I can't really see anyone doing much regular shopping during the hurricane cleanup.

Everyone is out at McDonalds and eating at restaurants and the stores and they are still selling the same boxed meats etc. 

It's going to be some time before all they get cycled and it's all fresh food on the shelves. I think all those companies are making a mistake not throwing their food out and stocking fresh inventory from outside the hurricane zone.

People are going to waste their money and get sick eating that, my advice would be to just eat minimal, not waste money and then only eat stuff you know would be good anyway until the food gets totally restocked.

Why would you go crying to the welfare office for food money for the hurricane after your fridge went bad because if they give you money you will only be buying bad food and have to go back asking for more.

Like people might not get the seriousness of this with the food but government services have to go back to normal first like with school and stuff, then they can work on getting the food fixed. 

The welfare office isn't going to hand out money for you to buy bad food at the store I would assume, plus food banks will be empty and stocked with bad food. I guarantee I am not eating anything with a current expiration date on it of this month because it's all going to be bad from the stores and probably worse in their warehouses.

I'm just doing stuff normal as I can and then just eating minimal because I can't waste any food money. If I go shopping and it's bad or goes bad in one minute I'll be broke and no one will replace the money like if you can't get a refund or they have no inventory or have bad inventory to replace it. 

I've never dealt with any of this before, people tell me right now that they would only eat one piece of bread every three days they are so scared of running out of food and money for the next few weeks. Fortunately, I'm not that bad off.

Whats the point of a grocery order right now? The food is no good, those stores head offices really need to get rid of all that food and start over from outside the hurricane zone as soon as possible while the government services are coming back up.

Right now I'm planning on having Thanksgiving next month normal and that's it, then it's all minimal until the food supply gets cycled with fresh food and new expiration dates.

I will post more as it happens.



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