Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Now I'm Sick Or Something

What an awful four weeks I just had. I had this stupid summons with the wrong information on it that I had to get lawyers to fix from the Nova Scotia Government, then I had to run around for two weeks doing all that.

Then right away we got hit by Hurricane Dorian and now I am getting sick...blah! 

After all that running around the power went out for days and it was hot and cold outside and cold in my apartment building with no hot water or hot food, then I had to run around outside dealing with that with no power, then I think I drank some bad non-dairy creamer when the power went out and now I'm almost throwing up and getting the flu or something.

Come off it!

What an awful four weeks, now Thanksgiving is coming up next month and hopefully all the food is safe with all the Turkeys and stuff, I'll be cooking my Turkey a day early this year thats for sure to make sure its not bad so I can get my money back it if is.

Like I'm all shell shocked from that Hurricane or something and feel terrible.

What ever.


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