Monday, September 2, 2019

I'm Going To Use This Opportunity To Adjust My Blog

Right so you can follow along with this if you want, I'm going to use this opportunity of ending up in court and stuff for debts this summer to reset my blog a bit. Like, for one I'm gonna slow down the pace on here a bit and maybe talk more intimately.

Like, I'm going to take it right slow now. I mean, because I have to change all my living arrangements now probably because of bs court stuff so I'm gonna slow everything down for a while. Then when I'm blogging I'll try and be more intimate.

Like if I'm talking about a music cd or something, I'll slow right down so you can get into it better. Like by providing a more slow and detailed description.

It's just having to adjust to this new circumstance with no notice is really bad timing, so I'm gonna slow down to make sure I make the right decisions and not jump into anything too fast.

Then I'm going to adjust my blog to reflect that,  like that's also artistic imagery. 

Like I'm trying to be an artist or something here and I really don't need this hassle. Then my blog will reflect my feelings of that in the material from now on.


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