Tuesday, September 24, 2019

My Halloween Party 2019

Sexy Witch Halloween Bake Off
This year I am going to Halloween dress up party and there is going to be a sexy witch bake off and mock holiday. Things like this get me thinking about when I was in Junior High School and we used to make chocolate and butterscotch fudge. 

I don't have to go to far this year for Halloween to have a party, usually I travel somewhere but this this time it's just in an apartment building in Halifax. I think the girls there are going to be making fudge like I used to have in Junior High School.

Then they said there were going to dress up and have a mock holiday dinner and then make snacks like I used to make when I was a teenager, maybe some squares and stuff. I told them that I can't eat too much turkey because Thanksgiving is coming but we're just having a small one to practice for the real Thanksgiving.

Then we are making home made pizza's later that night and there might be a movie or something. This seems like a pretty fun day to have in the fall, dressing up like witches and stuff with a bunch girls and making squares and fudge and stuff and then a small Turkey dinner for Halloween, then later home made pizza's and probably a movie, I don't think they'll be any drinking or weed at this Halloween party which is fine because they are doing craft fair stuff and baking.

Anyway, that should be a good day to get me to Thanksgiving....oh right not Canada Thanksgiving that's before Halloween....American Thanksgiving because I celebrate that now too. Hopefully this party will not suck.


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