Wednesday, September 11, 2019

CANADA: Federal Election Called In Wake Of Atlantic Canada Hurricane

Federal Election Called In Wake Of Atlantic Canada Hurricane
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Halifax this week where I live to size up the Hurricane damage and offer support to Atlantic Canada in wake of the disaster.

Right away, a Federal Election has been called in Ottawa after the Hurricane as Justin Trudeau seeks to win a second term as Prime Minister in in the wake of the Hurricane offering support to citizens in Atlantic Canada for hurricane disaster relief I am assuming.

Prime Minister Trudeau Visits Halifax:

Federal Election Called In Wake Of Atlantic Canada Hurricane:

I think this is a good move for Prime Minister Trudeau as many Canadians have deep ties to Atlantic Canada and work in other parts of the Country. 

Voters will see this as a good move by Prime Minister Trudeau as the competition last I heard was Alberta Premier Jason Kenny who has run a failed campaign in Alberta and cut Library funding while Nova Scotia has implemented new library programs including free public internet, cel phone charging stations and television which many people used during the Hurricane fall out to watch the news, recharge cel phones and use the internet like myself while Alberta has cut those library funding programs. 

Issues like Hurricane Disaster Relief funds in Atlantic Canada are neither Conservative or Liberal issues so it was great to see the Prime Minister here to offer support after the Hurricane. 

If anything we could use some of those Liberal funds they are spending so freely to help us fix the Province after the hurricane and offer Hurricane relief and aid to citizens in the Province. I see this as a good move and good timing for the Prime Minister as all of Canada waits to see the Hurricane recovery efforts from the Federal Government in Ottawa.

Hopefully this will lead to new library funding improvements and aid for disaster relief in Canada starting with my City here in Halifax because we could use some of that new funding today to help us recover from the Hurricane and implement new relief programs like library and disaster relief services.


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