Friday, September 6, 2019

There's Metal Videos On Roku

Come Off It
If you have Roku on the free service Tubi they have a bunch of Heavy Metal documentaries on there and some Dead Kennedy's stuff.

I am watching "Inside Metal: The Rise Of LA Thrash Metal" Volume 1. 

Listen to this.

I don't know who makes these videos but I'm sure it's the smaller metal community because the content is so not true. Then they always showcase these shitty bands that never made it in metal as the examples of what Thrash Metal is.

Like, they always promote the bands that never went anywhere and try to make a name for them attaching it to the metal scene in documentaries, obviously...that's their promotion making the videos.

The fucking stories on them...they sound like they are from my hometown in Nova Scotia making all this shit up. I never finished watching the video yet but I had to post this right away, I will add to this later if there is anything else.

On the video Slayer's former manager said that when Slayer first started that they used to go to the High School and put paper Slayer concert advertisements in all the lockers at the High School to promote the band.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that never happened plus I doubt they let Slayer's manager inside the school to put flyers in all the kids lockers, unless they had a student do it but that's not what they said. They said the manager and them did it. 

Yeah I really doubt that happened.

Then they go at the time when Slayer and them came out in like 1983 or so there was no Thrash Metal....they said at the time that it was called "Speed Metal".

Then they had all these music journalists on there saying they "don't know where the term Thrash Metal came from"...then they were all saying that people thought they made it up, the journalists but they said it wasn't true.

In the first of the movie they say the term "Thrash Metal" was invented by someone but no one knows who it was, at around 1983.

Ok look people...

Everyone knows that it was fucking Venom man. .

Venom was the first Thrash Metal band and they also invented the name Black Metal.

Like this....Venom - Welcome To Hell was the first THRASH METAL Record in 1980.

Everyone knows the first Thrash Metal record was released in 1980 by Venom.

In that documentary they are saying they don't know who started the term Thrash Metal, it was Venom man, everyone knows that with Welcome To Hell which was the start of the Thrash Metal category, on their second record the name of the album was Black Metal, which started the Black Metal category.

Everybody knows that. People on the documentaries are trying to attach themselves to the metal scene that weren't in it and their bands never made it and they have all these bogus stories about metal, that's probably also why they never made it in music because they are all bullshitters.


I'm just blogging about this video as I'm watching it, so I'll just post my notes as I'm going.

Right away I said it sounded like bullshit from where I live then right away on the video they showed "APRIL WINE" from Halifax on the "Nature Of The Beast Tour" in I think Los Angeles and the opening band was Diamond Head...Metallica's influences.

On the video they are showing LA Thrash Metal opening for bands from Halifax who is April Wine a huge rock band to promote Diamond Head plus they have a new record out. Also, if you need to know I have seen April Wine play many times and have met the band a bunch of times and they even came to my old record store years ago to see if I had their cds in the store for the concerts they were playing, and I had them in stock for the show.

So that was all pretty awesome stuff I was doing before I went to Stfx University. See, LA thrash bands and bands like Diamond Head are trying to make a name for themselves off Halifax and bands like April Wine, that's where I am working at on music stuff as a seperate Record Label but I'm right in the middle of all that working on it and see everything.

Maybe as part of my new format I will just post my jot notes like this on the actual blog instead of retyping it later and just use this blog for scrap paper for my jot notes because this topic is stupid anyway. 

...more jot notes.

Yeah, so I'm just using Twitter and some of this page for my jot note material..don't worry about I have no subscribers on Twitter or even on YouTube for  , that's mostly all fake anyway on theirs and companies have to pay people to build their user list on Twitter / YouTube like they are staff accounts and stuff and specific promoter stuff is what I have learned from working around all that, like when a video goes "viral" that's all people working in Social Media sharing the video, that's like under contract stuff and it's social media staff sharing stuff on the internet like for Donald Trump and them so that's all just a business and paid for.

So even though there are no subscribers on the page, tons of people still see that anyway because people read twitter etc. but do not have accounts, you have to make that on purpose to get lots of subscribers

Just think of my pages as a dump for my material and scrap paper for jot notes and stuff, like on this post.

Back to the video.

-back in the day they said they your band had to "pay to play" on the Sunset Strip in LA and then it sucked and no one went.

-There are no actual songs on the documentary form the artists on the soundtrack, all the music sounds like ripped off Sepultura or something.

-They said that they didn't get paid for the concerts when opening for Metallica or something because fans broke the windows in the venue and they make the opening band pay for it.

Come off it.

-at 51:50 (a Van Halen reference) it looks like they are using a green screen because the guy talking is out of focus and the back ground is in Hi Def, I don't know for sure tho. What are they all using green screens or something pretending to be in doors or something with a fake set behind them.


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