Wednesday, November 9, 2016


November 9, 2016 - Donald Trump has won the hearts of America in a historical United States landmark ground breaking election with a landslide victory over non-contestant rival Hilary Clinton. 

In perhaps the easiest election victory in modern times Donald Trump has become the 45th elected President in the United States of America. No vote tampering or election fraud accusations have arisen in the historical 2016 election giving Donald Trump the clear easy victory as Republican voter unity reaches an all time high. 

America has made it clear - Donald Trump is President, making him the first CEO of the United States of America. Finally we have a winning Wall Street Stock Market President who can pull America out of the ever increasing financial depression in sits in and make it a Wall Street winner with high economic financial gains and crack down on the scum in the streets in the New Corporate America.

The new Corporate Wall Street America led by CEO President Donald Trump will be sure to increase the value of America's Global Real Estate with high returns and dividends. So get out your stock tickers Wall Street investors because America's Stock is on the rise. 

Not only that be sure to look for tax breaks and income tax deductions in the new Corporate led America. Now that the old America is dead and is now Corporate run from Wall Street in Washington D.C, I can guarantee that Americas's Stock is on the rise.

America's Stock is on the Rise in the new Corporate America.
Just don't ask supporters of Hilary Clinton and the left wing run media. Listening to the election coverage last night on ABC Radio it was a clear land side victory for Donald Trump from the beginning and perhaps the easiest run election in recent times. This morning on the talk radio news coverage and other media outlets it is clear the they are all Clinton backed left wing media Democrats. Under Donald Trump's new Corporate run America it is clear the American voters today are not listening or even paying attention to the slanted mainstream media Clinton backers. Just as during the election campaigns the mainstream media continues to back Hillary Clinton and bash Donald Trump after her clear landslide defeat making excuses and arguments blaming the American people for Hilary Clinton's election loss. Their ever pointless and factless arguments continue today as they continue their slander campaign against Donald Trump after his historical landslide election victory. Who are the Hilary Clinton led left wing supporters and media? According to the mainstream media today they are Women and Minorities. The mainstream media today is saying that the Clinton supporters are all Women and Minorities and that they can't understand how Donald Trump could even win the election because he is a "racist". Now they are all over the media crying and complaining about Clinton's loss. On the mainstream media today the Clinton led "left" are all crying because of her loss asking Canadians to mind their own business and stay out of American Politics because of Clinton's defeat saying that we are swaying United States Politics into a new Corporate Run America and away from the liberal "save the birds" campaign that Clinton depends on. 

They continue to blame the American voters who back Donald Trump calling them "White Non-College Educated Supporters" while pushing  their mainstream campaign of "tree hugging hippies, women and minorities." Then they lie and continue to say that Donald Trump called Mexicans "rapists" and that he would send women to jail for having abortions. 

What the mainstream left wing mainstream media fails to tell you is that Donald Trump is talking about Illegal Immigrants who are criminals in Mexico and are hiding in America who are rapists and murders and that when he says women should be put in jail for having abortions he means illegal abortions, but the mainstream media led by Clinton and left wing political supporters always fails to tell you that because they think you are stupid.

Who are the Trump supporters? The mainstream media calls them non-college educated white males, that is almost every white male voter between 18 and 45 in America. They are the regular while male American citizens. Everyone knows that only a small number of people in America have a College or University Education. The answer is clear the main political base support of Donald Trump is every while male in America between 18 and 45 with a regular education and are the real voice of America.

The regular male voters of America have made it clear, they don't fall for the misinformation and lies in the mainstream media and have united under Donald Trump to win a historical landslide election. 

Real America doesn't care about the trivial nonsensical issues of left wing Hilary Clinton they care about jobs and the economy in real world America. 

Their voice is clear, they have voted in the first CEO of the New Corporate America to run America from Wall Street to lead us into the 2020's with a new Corporate Presidency. Now America will be run like a Corporation by a Wall Street Executive to bring us into America's new future with new financial gains on the horizon. America doesn't want a stale democrat with a non-relevant platform. They want money, jobs and Wall Street Stock Market growth in Washington led by Donald Trump the first President CEO of the New Corporate America. 

Wall Street on the rise in the New Corporate America.
So get out your stock market portfolios, your suits and your Wall Street resumes because Wall Street is running the White House and Stocks are on the rise in the new Corporation called the United States of America.

- Jason Mackenzie.

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