Monday, January 9, 2017

Metallica ...and Justince for All and Ride the Lightning are Audio Synched to the Movie "Johnny Got His Gun" from the "One" Video

The movie for the Book Johnny Got His Gun is synced to or I should say the "heavy metal" or "hard rock" band "Metallica" wrote two of their albums to be in sync with the movie version or the book...the first half of the movie is synced to "And Justice For All"  and the second half of the movie is synced to "Ride The Lightning". The movie is easy to get on the internet and may be on you tube. The easiest way to sync the audio is to put the album on your headphones and watch the movie...start "And Justice For All" as soon as the movie starts playing, when the screen goes black at the first of the movie after the open credits "Metallica" , the band, should be singing the chorus in the song "Blackened" approximately. Then watch the movie as the scenes change in sync with the album. Right after "And Justice For All" ends put on the album "Ride The Lightning" when the song "For Whom The Bell Tolls" is playing it should be Christmas in the scene and the bells go along with the Christmas scene in the the end the song "The Call Of Ktulu"  should start playing when the credits roll.  Just remember when you tell everyone how awesome this is that you heard it from Wheat from the band Collapse and it's on his blog first and he is the one who told you about the Metallica Johnny Got His Gun albums syncs.

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