Thursday, March 23, 2023

RE: Store Price Mistakes / Scams On Internet & Social Media Pages

 Well it's all over people...

The Sunday Shopping Referendum and all events including my lawsuit, which has now ended up at the bottom of other investments where I live..I mean the SAP / Computer Server stuff is a larger build and the lawsuit settlement will be absorbed into that later.

All the people came out flaming the public I saw from some scam years ago, they were just pretending all that and getting people to go along with opening stores on Sunday in Nova Scotia which is still illegal.

Except for Marshall Law Declarations from Ottawa no real law changes have been implemented in Canada since they removed the death penalty.

Now since then Canada has been flooded with scams because there is no death penalty, however these scams came cross border from the United States and it in fact is the death penalty in Halifax from the United States.

Things like Children's Christmas concerts cancelled and stuff were all fake, all people that supported that are going to be fired.

On the internet now it's full of fake stories...

Like some school is forcing Native American Boys to cut their hair for school and Uganda Anti Gay Laws are all pretend.

Like pretend on the internet and then scams were harassing people trying to get them to believe them.

Every time, the scam on the news came from the guy cutting the kids hair for example and trying to trick people to join in their cause in a scam. 

Now the stores are all full of fake prices, children's medicine like lactose pills for eating dairy have DOUBLED for $40 Canadian.


Now the companies will have to refund the money to the government for the stores charging too much over cost and now the citizens are owed the money back in new rebates and the case is closed.

Now we have to wait for the cleanup, all that just the Cyclone destroyed Atlantic Canada, Florida and the Caribbean and now the cleanup is starting this Spring for Summer.

I expect tourism to be big in Nova Scotia this year, but the place is still going through this massive outage because of the Cyclone and store retail price mistakes.


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