Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Collectables and Antiqutes Scam Alert

$500,000 Current Value-Yeah Right Scam

Watch out everyone there is a huge scam out now with collectables and antiques. This is super bad right now with artificial price inflation.

Apparently, they are saying that X-Men #1 is now valued at a Half Million Dollars! Yeah right, and Action Comics #1 is at $2.1 Million Dollars..yeah right!

This is probably people trying price fix the collectables market by raising the prices of collectables and getting people to buy them or something.

X-Men way can you get $500,000 for that. If I had to guess I would say maybe $20,000 would be a real value for X-Men #1.

The thing is how may people with that much money would even read the Uncanny X-Men. 

Yeah like millionaires read the X-Men at all and when they do they pay $500,000 dollars for it. Bullshit they do, If I was a millionaire I'd give you like $20 Grand , that's twenty thousand max. After that it's not worth it, yeah like a millionaire would want that comic anyway when they are super busy doing millionaire stuff. 

That's just a childhood fantasy that you can never get an X-Men #1 because they are $500,000. No one would ever believe that who is not a kid that millionaires pay that much for comics. I say $20 Grand Max.

Here is that scam when you buy something Antique or Collectable like a rare comic book are they saying it's a 9.8 out of 10 Grade by 1963 Mint Condition or 2017 Mint Condition.

That X-Men #1 is NOT a 9.8/10 by today's standards because all the 10/10 or "mint" condition they call it are Super High Glossy Material. So a "Mint" Comic today is way better quality that a "mint" comic from 1963.

Of course they may account for this, but not ever under regular conditions. Yeah Marvel Comics may grade it when it's going to $500,000 as mint but compared to a new comic today the thing looks like crap.

So a "mint condition" comic today is a 10/'s super high gloss. Now compare that to X-Men #1 from looks like crap...probably a 0/10. It's just rare.

So when you look at all the old Comics they are NOT MINT CONDITION by today's standards. If you compared them to Comics today they would be a 0/10 and worthless.

So X-Men #1 could never get $500,000 based on today's modern comics because they are all in such bad condition. That's because they are not mint based on todays super high gloss comics.

So, I'd say X-Men #1 is like $20 Grand compared to today's condition grading system. That's because they are so run down it's not "mint" it's just rare.

When they say X-Men #1 is Mint 9.8/10 Condition from 1963 or whatever they mean BY ITSELF.

They only mean that copy is 9.8 to itself NOT compared to today's grading system. It's based on what the individual comic looks like and they compare it to OTHER X-Men #1's or other comics from the time Action Comics #1 or something big.

They don't meant 9.8 compared to today's high quality comics, they mean from stuff back then. ALL OF IT is in terrible condition, they mean 9.8/10 for stuff that is all in bad condition.

Then they try and see how much they can get at auction or whatever based on it's rarity.

Tip: NEVER SAY MINT CONDITION TODAY IS THAT SAME AS MINT CONDITION IN 1963. If you do you are stupid, antiques and modern collectables are on different grading systems.

A brand new comic in 1963 would look like CRAP compared to a brand new comic made today. 

Then this is where the scam super gets's with other Collectable and Antique dealers of smaller value items.

When they say a Mint Condition Comic or Collectable is worth $3000, they may mean ONLY IN YOUR LOCAL AREA.

In California or somewhere the same collectable could be worth $200 because it's in a different collectable market.That's because a Mint Condition item in your local are may be considered in "poor" condition somewhere else and be worthless.

That's where Collectable and Antique sellers get you. They know that you usually CAN'T check the other items to see what a Mint Condition is in a better Collectable Marketplace and they get you on the "local" price.

So you think you bought a mint condition $3000 collectable but in California in a better market the mint condition grade in your local area got a 1/10 or 0 in California and is only worth $200 there.

So you CAN'T TRUST the grading systems for "Mint Condition" locally from shop to shop because they all MAY BE ON DIFFERENT GRADING SYSTEMS.

So a Mint Condition in Nova Scotia for a collectable may be in Poor Condition in California or somewhere.

You don't know this when you are shopping for collectables because you can't check both local markets.

That's because when you look up the value on the internet it says $3000, but you can't check to see if the Collectable or Antique is the same $3000 value like it is in California or somewhere.

The thing may look nice but it's actually only worth $200 based on the real grading system in California or somewhere. The seller just makes it super shiny and hopes they get the $3000 and says it's Mint. You don't know it's in Nova Scotia Mint Condition or California Mint Condition.

A $3000 Mint Collectable in Nova Scotia may only be worth $200 in California Mint Condition, by you can't check yourself and you can't tell by pictures on the internet because you can't really see them item for real.

This is how prices are determined in the Antique and Collectable market, because the final price is OPEN ENDED.

The price of the item will be determined on discussions based on it's quality when people all agree and are willing to pay the price.

So Mint here in Nova Scotia may not be Mint in California, but they still try and get $3000 for it. That's because a lot of people don't understand how the Collectable price was set.

Here is how you would handle this is a Collectable shop, you say..."I see that you have an Antique Table for sale and are asking $3000 and the ticket says Mint Condition. Is that Mint Condition locally or in California?"...If the seller doesn't know then you are probably being scammed!

The only way to actually know the real value is if you have seen HUNDREDS of examples of the same table in ACTUAL mint condition, then when you see it in an antique shop  then you will know it's REAL value.

Is this in Nova Scotia Mint Condition or California Mint Condition?
Now this is a long and tedious process but the ONLY way to actually know it the $3000 Antique or Collectable is worth the asking price is when you want to buy the Antique table you need to RESEARCH the table extensively and look at hundreds of examples before you spend your $3000. 

That way when you go to spend your $3000 on a specific Antique table you have seen what they look like in real mint condition before you go and buy one. Then when you buy the table you will know what an actual certain type of Antique table looks like in mint condition and that it is actually worth $3000 in the REAL Antique market not the local one where they just varnish it and try and get $3000.

That's because a real table may have to be restored a specific way in a professional workshop specific to that item.

A real restored Antique Table worth $3000 may have to be done in a special workshop to get the value to be $3000. If the person who restored it didn't have the proper knowledge or workshop the table may be worthless.

Here's how...if the person who restored the table didn't have the proper tools or workshop when they restored the table they may have sanded it or used the wrong finish and RUINED THE WOOD GRAIN.

Then when you look at a REAL RESTORATION the wood grain and original conditions of the table were preserved and then it's worth $3000.

The other one the people may have went out and bought it for $1500 and then sanded it in a fake workshop that's not real and has no real restoration tools and then ruined the wood grain or over sanded it...on top of that you may not even supposed to be sanding it at all and may need chemicals to remove the old varnish. 

Then they sanded it and varnished it with the wrong tools in a fake workshop and now it's totally worthless because they sanded the wood too much and ruined it with the wrong finish.

Now it's worth $0.

Then you go into their antique shop and it's got a $3000 dollar price tag on it because that's what it says on the internet, but really it's valueless.

The only way to know is to choose the Antique Table you want first, look at hundreds of examples and research it to find out everything you can so then when you spend your $3000 you know you got the ACTUAL Table in ACTUAL Mint condition and not got ripped off by a "local" grading system where the table is totally ruined and you wasted your money.

Finally on top of that, the scam today is everyone is trying to over charge old items by selling them at super high prices in a group.

So they get a bunch of collectables and all ask ten times the actual amount to try and inflate the price and drive up the market value of the collectables.

So you look before at the items were $20 and then one day on the internet everyone is asking $300 per item. 

This is a scam. Then when no one wants their stuff at that price it goes back to $20 next year.

That's all over the internet now and I see that in Comic Collectable and Music Collectables. They raise the price trying to inflate the market and no one will buy it because they know it's really NOT worth that much, then a lot of the "rare" items are actually not rare they are end runs at factories and cancelled products.

Then people in the market try and say they are rare when they are garbage and charge a super high price for them just to see if they can get it....usually they can't unless someone just wants to buy it anyway.

That's the big scam going on right now all over the place so just make sure to do research when you are buying collectables and antiques.


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