Monday, August 14, 2017

I am now celebrating several select United States Holiday's

I have decided that here in Halifax, Nova Scotia that since we are pretty close geographically to the United States that I have decided to start celebrating select USA Holidays here in Canada. 

My personal favorite that I will now get is Arbor Day.

Arbor Day is a State Holiday in Nebraska that will now be observing here in Halifax and was  on April 28 this year and I missed it. I will be looking forward to Arbor Day 2018 next year to get started.

Today is also a Holiday in the United States in Rhode Island and it is Victory Day.

Even though Canada probably did all the work and really won whatever Victory they are referencing in Rhode Island I will be celebrating Victory Day will them today in Rhode Island.

It's super great to have new Holidays now here in Nova Scotia from the United States for myself to celebrate to go along with our regular Nova Scotia and Canada Holidays.

This will make for a busy year of great Holiday fun having both Canada and United States Holidays here in Nova Scotia at my house.

This is the list of United States Holidays I will now be observing here in Nova Scotia at my house:

2017 List:
January 13:

Lee Jackson Day- Virginia
January 16:

Martin Luther King Jr Day
Robert E Lee's Birthday - Alabama, Arkansas
State Holiday - Mississippi
Idaho Human Rights Day- Idaho
Civil Right's Day - Arizona, New Hampshire

 January 19:

Robert E Lee's Birthday - Florida
State Holiday - Texas

January 20:

Inauguration Day - DC, LA, MD, VA

January 29:

Kansas Day

February 1:

National Freedom Day

February 3:

National Wear Red Day

February 4:

Rosa Parks Day - California, Ohio

February 12:

Lincoln's Birthday - CT, IL, MO, NY

February 14:

Statehood Day - Arizona

February 15:

Susan B Anthony's Birthday - CA, FL, NY, WI

February 16:

Elizabeth Peratrovich Day - Alaska 

February 20:

President's Day - Federal Holiday

March 2:

Texas Independence Day - Texas
Read Across America Day

March 3:

Employee Appreciation Day

March 7:

Town Meeting Day - Vermont

March 17:

Evacuation Day - Massachusetts

March 25:

Maryland Day - Maryland

March 27:

Seward's Day - Alaska

April 2 / April 3:

Pascua Florida Day 

April 6:

National Tartan Day

April 11:

National Library Worker's Day

April 13:

Thomas Jefferson's Birthday

April 16 / 17:

Emancipation Day - District of Columbia

April 17:

Patriot's Day - Maine, Massachusetts

April 18:

Tax Day

April 22:

Oklahoma Day

April 24:

Confederate Memorial Day - Alabama, Florida
State Holiday - Georgia, Mississippi
April 26:

State Holiday - Florida

April 27:

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

April 28:

Arbor Day - Nebraska  - This is my favorite of my new Holidays.

May 1:

Loyalty Day / Law Day

May 4:

Rhode Island Independence Day

May 6:

National Nurses Day

May 8:

Truman Day - Missouri

May 10:

Confederate Memorial Day -  North Carolina
State Holiday - South Carolina

May 12:

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

May 20:

Armed Forces Day

May 22:

National Maritime Day 

May 29:

Memorial Day
Jefferson Davis Birthday - Mississippi

June 1:

Statehood Day - Kentucky, Tennessee

June 3:

Jefferson Davis Birthday - Florida

June 6:


June 14:

Flag Day

June 19:

Emancipation Day - Texas

June 20:

West Virginia Day
American Eagle Day

July 4:

Independence Day

July 23:

Parent's Day

July 24:

Pioneer Day - Utah

August 1:

Colorado Day

August 4:

Coast Guard Birthday

August 7:

Purple Heart Day

August 14:

Victory Day Rhode Island

August 16:

Bennington Battle Day - Vermont

August 18:

Statehood Day In Hawaii 

August 19:

National Aviation Day

September 9:

California Admission Day 

September 10:

National  Grandparents Day

September 11:

Patriot Day

September 18:

Air Force Birthday
Constitution and Citizenship Day

September 22:

Emancipation Day - Ohio

October 9:

Columbus Day

October 13:

Navy Birthday

October 18:

Alaska Day

October 21:

Sweetest Day

October 27:

Nevada Day

November 7:

Election Day - New Jersey, Virginia

November 11:

Veteran's Day

November 23:


November 24:

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President's Day - New Mexico
State Holiday -  Georgia
Lincolns Birthday / Lincoln's Day - Indiana, West Virginia
Black Friday

November 27:

Cyber Monday

December 7:

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

December 17:

Wright Brothers Day

These are the new Holidays that will now be celebrated here in Halifax, Nova Scotia at my house.

*Make special note of not one but TWO Thanksgivings and extra shoppings days at my house.



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