Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Book Preview and etc.

My Science Fiction book is due out on ebook format anytime now, it's just not finished yet. Thankfully these are my deadlines and not someone else's, but it should be out soon. This is is a preview of what the book series will be about.

First, strange events must take place around you when you set out to write a book. You must end up seeing bizarre events or something, most of these events must originate from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia my hometown, because there is no other place on Earth where these things could possibly take place from.

So in Halifax there are these fucking idiot people who bother you around town, they are a bunch of fucking cunts and everyone hates them. I get these people annoying me around the City sometimes when I am out saying all this stupid shit that no one has ever heard of.

When I am out sometimes I get these people trying to pry into my personal business about my home and my social life. I will be downtown or something minding my own business and they come up to you and start rambling on about some bullshit with this stupid act they are doing like they are right important and shit but they look like bums. In fact they are probably bums.

So you get these pricks or the "stupid pricks" as they are referred to as around the City coming up and asking you about your girlfriend or your house or apartment or whatever and going on like a crazy person with these wild stories trying to get you to reveal your personal information to them by participating in their bogus conservation and sharing your part so they can all go back and talk about you.

In fact I was actually in a relationship for a long time and have three children that live away from where I am at. The relationship didn't work out and now I live in Halifax, maybe someday if I get super rich off my books and etc. they will benefit from it somehow. 

I also thought I was in love once and it was the biggest one ever like the real one. As it turns out I was actually sick with some kind of flu for like ten years and now I have to take two 300 mg pills per day or my flu symptoms might come back and I won't be able to concentrate on my books and music I am making because I might start thinking I'm in love again.

So now I live alone in Halifax so I can have peace and quiet and live in a house with no one yelling or fighting in it etc. and then I can get my books and music done because no one is around bothering my and causing arguments...specifically other grownups.

Since I live alone now and my bizarre flu is under control  I live by myself with no one else in the house so it can be quiet all the time and then I won't be mad all the time and I can actually get my books and music done finally, which is great.

So when I go out in the City I live here alone and just go out shopping and fucking around by myself and don't have a serious relationship or anything. Then I get these people coming up to me with these crazy stories going on about my girlfriend and shit and talking about some old banana peel or shopping cart or something and think I live at their shack with them or something all up in my business prying about my personal life and stuff.  Anyway, I can tell this originates from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia because they always have the same script and keep going on all the time and ranting about some banana peel non stop and they are all retarded or something. You know the ones, they are like the ones sitting in Tim Hortons banging tables all the time yelling and making stories up insulting the other customers all the time. They are all pricks and are known as the "stupid pricks" or the "fucking cunts".

So all you fucking cunts from New Glasgow all fuck off and leave me out of you banana peel conversation at your shack because I don't know you so fuck off because I don't live there and whoever my girlfriend would be is not your business so leave me out of your handicapped discussion when I'm out shopping and shit in Halifax.

So my first book series will be out soon. What I decided was I wanted to do something that would potentially make a lot of money so i went with a Science Fiction Book and comic book/cartoon thing with action figures and vehicles and shit. Something big that could be turned into this massive commercial product like the biggest sell out thing ever. Then I could make money off Christmas by selling toys and comics and shit which is easy money. I'm still doing heavy metal music and starting a label and shit and that stuff will be coming out soon too, even it's some demo shit or something for stuff that will be on the label it will be coming out soon. So that's pretty small compared to some big toy company or science fiction franchise so I decided to put my efforts into that so I can get the action figure and toy money from the Christmas catalog market if it all works out. The I will make tons of money.

I also wanted to write something that has a lot of villains not just with one band guy or bad guy team in it so I can keep churning out toys and books and comics to cash in on indefinitely.

The science fiction book series I am writing will probably be called SPACE COMMAND. There is other shit out called Space Command but mine is the real one. In science fiction there are so many books you can't copyright titles most of the time and everything is taken so you can't help it. My Science Fiction Book series and Comic Book etc. is the real SPACE COMMAND, any other series using the name sucks and is stupid. Mine is the good one, so sci fi books are like band names there are a bunch that are the same.

So the first SPACE COMMAND book is not finished yet and I have a website to do etc. I also wanted to put up some sketches for the characters so people can get the look of it when they read the book and see the characters which I am still working on. 

Hopefully this will be done soon so people can see what it looks like when the ebook comes out. PREVIEW:



Jason MacKenzie

        In the future Earth has penetrated the vast reaches of Outer Space and has discovered infinite terrible worlds and dimensions, a universe with no allegiances where everyone is enemies all on their own quests for power and control. 

        A new realm of planets and dimensions has been revealed, creatures and human like beings struggle to dominate space in a scientific driven future of bizarre technology and warfare. Space travel has led Earth into other dimensions and into the depths of space where massive planets exist with different physics and scales than Earth with human like species dominating their regions from human like worlds larger than the size of Jupiter.

         Horrible and terrifying science and inventions dominate the Spacial Regions outside the regions of Earth. There is no law or humanity in Space only science and technology led by human like beings and intelligent creatures in an eternal struggle of science and warfare. 

        Dimensions and galaxies of different physics must be overcome for Earth to explore Space and defend itself from infinite attack from the reaches of space. Strange characters with inhuman technology and science are on a continuous quest to penetrate the Earth.

        Earth must continually adapt to the scientific and military threat from beyond Earth's Spacial Perimeter in the deep outer reaches of space in facing a permanent attack by forces from beyond the Earth in their infinite quest for scientific advancement and military power.

         Worm Holes have been mapped by the forces of Earth to the outer perimeter of the Spacial Region and have been blocked from penetration from outside forces attempting to invade the Earth. Outposts in the depths of Space around the Earth have been setup to monitor the worm holes and protect the Earth from penetration by these terrible inhumane forces from the depths of outer space.

            Earth's Admirals from Space Command must continuously monitor the threats from Space while Space Command's forces patrol the outer regions of space scanning for threats. The Military Admirals of Earth must evaluate scientific data with their Science Team to adapt the Earth to the new technologies being discovered and evaluate battle plans by the Earth's Military before sending Earth's Forces in to Battle in outer space on other planets and strange dimensions.  

             Earth's Military led by the Space Command Team must penetrate the reaches of other worlds and dimensions alone and transmit the data in secret to Earth's Admirals where they must evaluate  the scientific data to adapt their ships and forces to the new planets and dimensions and make the battle plan decisions for the attacks on other worlds by Earth's Military in support of the Space Command Team who are on ground and calling in the strikes on other worlds.

© 2017 Jason Mackenzie



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