Saturday, May 27, 2017

I love Taking Trips

I  was just thinking about how much I love taking trips. The best part about taking a trip is that you get to go somewhere, normally that you usually don't. When I take a trip my favorite part is when you actually go and then you are on on the trip for real. Then you can take like pictures and stuff. 

When I I take a trip I really like going somewhere. Then when you get there there is all this fun stuff to do. I wish I could go on a trip all the time but I can't. Some people can though, but if they can't maybe they should go all the time. I would take a trip all the time if I could but I can't, but taking trips for some people they could go all the time if they really wanted. Then they could go super far and see all this great stuff instead of being stuck in the house or not doing anything. 

Getting out to see the world and taking trips is a really great thing. People should go every time if they get the chance because trips are super fun all the time. 

The best part about trips is seeing like the museum and stuff and all that and historical places. Then you get to meet all the people who live there and then they tell you all about all the stuff that happens there when you are not there on your trip.

I get super excited when I'm going on a trip and I can't wait to leave and I have to count the days on the calendar and everything and then I never want to come back because trips are super awesome!

The other best part about trips is the food, if you ever get the chance to take a trip you should because the stuff you do is super great and you never want to come home, I like breakfast when I go on trips because you get to eat at the hotel and try all this coffee that they have and stuff. I like having the coffee they have in those little white cups and stuff when I go travel and then some toast or something. Then I like having supper at a restaurant or something like a big meal there on your trip and stuff.

Then at lunch time and probably all day you can just pig out eating stuff at food vendors and tourist stuff when you are away on your trip like junk food and stuff and you can just run around all day sight seeing and going to museums and stuff and shopping and eating food all day and it's super fun and you'd never want to come home because being away on a trip is super exciting like the best fun ever and everything is great on a trip and you don't want to come home. 

If you could live like that on trips all the time I would do that but I can't but other people can, all they have to do is go if they really want because some people maybe want to go on trips every day because they are the best thing ever and nothing ever sucks on a trip! They are 100% great the whole time and then all you have is fun and eat and buy stuff while you go sight seeing.

You can tell by this picture that taking trips is the best thing ever:

The people in that would never want to come home, I bet they are having the best time ever.

The other thing I love about trips is getting to go. When you take a trip you really get to go somewhere. Going somewhere is the best part of taking a trip.

The other other best part that is my favorite part of traveling to take a trip is the actually traveling itself!

The trip getting to where you are going is the super best part too because you get to see all things stuff on the way there and back.

Taking a trip is the best thing ever and if I went on a trip I'd never want to come back and just live on it so I can have fun and eat at restaurants all day and sleep in a super awesome hotel!

Taking a trip is super awesome!

Everyone should go all the time to take trips! Then everyone would be super happy all the time like me :)   .


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