Thursday, October 20, 2016

Don't Break My Emo Heart - Part 2

Several weeks later the band was getting ready to play their first concert but all was not well with the group. Bic, Smith and Jim had taken the time and made a really great three song promo cd-r for for their band which had  nice disc label on it and good artwork and sound and took it pretty seriously. For them the band was their main interest but for Edge he had a different use for the band.

Edge was using the band as a means to make a small business out of booking concerts in the emo scene in Port City and as a reason to get Sara to like him. On top of that he was trying to mix the emo scene with the lgbt scene so he could be openly bisexual with Sara as well at the lgbt clubs where he wanted her to meet other people with him in an open lgbt emo scene relationship all at the same time.

Jim says to Bic and Smith "Y'know Edge is getting pretty weird man with all this emo club stuff in Port City and with Sara and them asking what they think of the band all the time." Bic says "yeah, not that I care but he's being super gay." Smith says " I know, everything he talks about as emo is really gay when he shows you." Bic says "Man, hanging out at the lgbt club for concerts is not really my thing dude." Jim says "Same here man, I'm from a small town man. Everyone says Edge is booking stuff at the lgbt clubs and saying its emo. I'm not doing that man. Everyone here will think your gay."

The guys decided that they would play few local shows and then do their CD release show at the local all ages club and then call it quits and end the band before the big concert in Port City. For them, playing concerts in the big city in the emo scene with the open lgbt community was just too much for their small town interests. They decided they would tell Edge they were breaking up after the CD release show and there would be no concerts in Port City.

As the CD release show approached the band played several times and was one of the best local acts and surely would have been well recieved in Port City. The promo cd-r sounded super good but playing in a band like that was not really what the guys wanted to do.

For Edge the CD release show and upcoming concert in Port City was going to be the best night of his life. His dream of the perfect life was coming true..he was playing in an emo band and putting out records, starting a band booking business in Port City and joining the emo club scene and the lgbt community and then he was going to even get the girl he was in love with all on the same night.

Edge had made the perfect life for himself and at the CD release show it was all about to come true.

The CD release show was pretty successful and they sold tons of copies of their promo CD. After the concert Edge approached Sara. "How did you like the concert?" She responds "yea you guys were really good." Edge says "Will you guys come to the big concert in Port City?" Sara says "No, we can't make it." Edge thought she would be impressed by him now because of the CD and concert and says to her "If you can't afford to go we can drive you." Sara says "No thanks, we're not going." Edge says "oh, well maybe you guys can come hang out with us sometime then." Sara replies "No thanks, we're not I interested in hanging out with you guys.I gotta go." Sara walks away and Edge says "oh sorry" with no reply from Sara.

Edge says to Bic "yeah Sara and them don't want to come to Port City." Bic says "yeah sorry man we can't either we're quitting the band and don't want to play any more." Edge says "What?" Jim says " yeah we're all done with the band man thats it." After several minutes the guys convience Edge they are serious ruining Edges dream  of the perfect life forever.

Edge had lost everything. No girl, no band , no concerts, no booking agency because he was kicked out of the emo scene by his friends and no lgbt community all in one night.

After that everyone hated Edge for pulling the gayest stunt ever and Edge remained in the  small town where no likes him and he is the most jealous person ever and tries to ruin other peoples chances of playing in bands by making fun of them because his dreams of the perfect life were ruined years ago and he blames everyone but himself.



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