Saturday, October 22, 2016

Jason Mackenzie Toy Company?

That's right folks, there is a possibility that I may be in the Toy Business in the near future.

The toys will be from the upcoming sci-fi action book series that will be launching in six months.

In the next several months I am releasing two book series one of which is action sci-fi in the young adult category. The action sci-fi book series will be released for now on free eBook. Hopefully printed versions will come out not too far in the future.

Now I'm not saying that's its also going to be a cartoon and comic book...but we're doing up all the sketches and drafts for the characters from the book series and they will be posted on the internet so everyone can see what the characters would look like IF it was a comic or be honest we don't have the people right now to do the voice overs so theirs no cartoon planned at this time.

So we're putting the book series out in novel format and then releasing all the sketches for the characters in comic book / action cartoon format just to see how it's going to look for now so everyone can see it.

Then we're releasing the diagrams for the action figures of the characters from the books on the books webpage.

After that we're going to be making Prototypes of the action figures from the books for a possible toy line if its successful. So if all goes well with the action figure prototypes we may be selling them through the mail.

When the prototypes for the figures are done I will be posting all the pictures for them on the books webpage along with all the character art and toy layouts. Hopefully it will launch but we're just going to see how it goes for now and show everyone the potentional cartoon series  / comic book material.

In the meantime the eBook version and character images will start coming out in the next six months.

Look for the prototypes for the action figures to be released in about two years.

So we'll be posting the ebooks and art starting within the next six months and the comic book  / cartoon art along with prototypes for the action figures will be released in two years.

So we're releasing the whole set from the book and we'll see where it goes.

Stay tuned! Check out the sci fi book series starting in about six months on free eBook!

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