Thursday, October 20, 2016

Don't Break My Emo Heart

The Story of an Emo Youth Playing in a band dealing with the struggles of being gay / bisexual in the emo youth alternative music community.

All characters are fictional.

A Short Story by Jason Mackenzie

A few years back just after high school was over Billy Piedmont was sick and tired of the boring life he had in high school where everyone made fun of him so he decided to change his name to Edge Mascara and start an Emo Rock band and join the openly gay lgbt community in the big city and make a name for himself in Emo Rock and concert promotion. Edge had fallen in love with the perfect emo girl and set off to find the dream in real life he had. The perfect girl, an emo band , concert promotion and being openly gay all at the same time. It was the perfect life and all within his grasp he thought so he set out to make the perfect life.

"What's up guys?" Edge asked his fellow band mates "Not much." They replied "We're just trying to come up with a name for our band." Edge says "Yeah I got us booked at the local youth center and the all ages club in the City." Bic the bass player says "yeah man, we need a name soon cause we gotta put it up on the poster in Port City."

Port City was about two hours away from where they lived and was the home of the emo rock scene and the largest lgbt community of the Coast, both which Edge desired to belong to.

Smith their drummer, who just went by the name Smith says to edge "yeah, did you get your guitar strings thing fixed yet and pick up that amp we need to play the concert?" Edge responds "Not yet, I gotta go find out if I can get the amp for the concerts before I buy it because I don't have the money but I wanna see if I can borrow it for a few days so we can play shows. I'm also gonna have to put my guitar into the shop to get fixed because the 3rd string keeps popping off but if I can't get it fixed on time I'm gonna have to borrow one for the shows we're playing."

"Oh yea." Smith replies "we're just waiting to see what your doing cause we're all set." He says. "Yea." Says Jim the signer "we're all ready to go. We're waiting for you man so what's up then?" He asks edge.

"Well." He says "Things are really busy right now and I have a lot of stuff to do. But I talked to the club owner in Port City and playing the concert is no problem and I was asking around about who might be there from the emo scene in the City but he doesn't know." What Edge meant was he was searching the lgbt classified personal ads in the paper in Port City and he was trying to find out if the gay scene was going to emo concerts in Port City and he was trying to meet them by playing shows and booking concerts.

Edge says "So we've been going regularly to the local all ages club and they have some good bands so I wanna see if they want to come play with us in Port City plus they have a big crowd locally and I wanna see if some of the fans here want to go see the concert in Port City like Sara and them. Do you know if Sara and her friends are coming to the local concert this weekend because I want to see if they will come to the show in the City with us." Jim says "I dunno man, I only see them at shows." Smith says "I don't know. That's just a bunch of people the go to the all ages club I don't know them
" Edge says "oh I thought you might know them and I was going to get you to ask them to come to the concert in Port City."

What edge meant was Sara was part of a younger crowd who went to the all ages shows he was in love with her and wanted her to go out with him and help him start a concert promotion business in Port City and start an emo club scene at the all ages venues and join the lgbt community with him and meet other openly lgbt people around the club scene.

Bic says "Who cares about all that anyway, we got like three songs recorded and need to come up with a band name for the poster and we have to get the artwork printed for our promo cd-r because the emo guy said they would accept a promo cd-r if we have printed artwork and its better than a demo the guy said." Jim says "Yeah man, we need to finalize the name and logo for all that plus we need to practice. When are you getting that stuff done?"

Edge says "Well I'm working on the amp and guitar and stuff and I can't decide on the name to go with for the band. I was going to see if Sara and them wanted to help out pick the name to see what one the local crowd likes."

What Edge meant was he was in love with Sara and was trying to go out with her by getting her to choose their band name.

The other guys in the band were busy getting their promo cd-r ready for the indie emo sales guy hoping to get a record deal or something out of it, they had a three song cd-r but no band name yet and were working on the artwork. Edge who was assuming the role on his own as band leader was booking the concerts and trying to get amplifiers for the them.What the other guys in the band didn't know was that Edge was more interested in the emo crowd and the lgbt scene in Port City and he was just using the band ad means to get into the scene and go out with Sara where they could be openly bisexual together in Port  City and no one would know, plus it all looked normal because they all dressed emo and all the guys wore makeup anyway and the girls dressed indie looking and all fit in at the clubs. Edge thought this would be an easy way to be openly bisexual without drawing too much attention.

A few days later on Friday night at the local all ages club where everyone hung out Bic says to Sara "Edge wants to know if you and Roxanne and them want to go to our concert in Port City and help him decide what his choice for our band name should be." Sara who was 21 and three years younger than Bic says to him "Why would he want me to do that? I don't even know him and no one even saw you guys play yet." Bic says "I dunno we're just trying to get a CD done and play our first show." Jim says to Sara "yea, and uh Edge is all like he has to go to Port City all the time and talk to club owners and stuff about booking concerts and he wanted to know if you guys wanted to help pick out the band name and go with us to Port City to see the concert we're playing." Bic says "Yea Edge is being really wierd man, plus he didn't get an amp yet and all he talks about is the emo scene in Port City." Sara says "I don't even know him and I've never been to the emo scene in Port City before. I don't know what he's talking about." Roxanne says "yeah that's pretty weird. You guys should pick out you own band name but if you want my opinion I'll look at the list you have. "Sara says "yeah, why would edge want me to do all that?"

What Sara didn't know was that Edge was setting up a plan for her to join the emo rock scene in Port City and the lgbt Community with him.

Just then Edge walks over to the group of them and says to the girls "Hey, do you guys ever go to concerts in Port City because we're playing there in a couple months and wanted to know if you guys wanted to come with us to support the scene?" Roxanne says "I dunno that's pretty far." Sara says "yea, what's up with your band name?" Edge says "Why?" Sara responds "Bic said you wanted us to pick it out." Edge says to her "Right, what I mean is kind of like a poll of the local fans and then I thought you might want to come to Port City and help support the emo scene and make the crowd bigger for the concert." Sara says back to Edge "yea, I don't think I can do that." Edge says to her "Just think about it, we're gonna have  good time.Plus this guy I know runs a record store there maybe I can get you a staff discount on some CDs." Sara says "uh, Port City is a little far and I don't have much money for CDs right now." Edge says" just think about it. It would be way more fun if the local crowd came to the emo club in Port City when we play." Sara says "I probably can't make it." and walks away.

What Edge actually meant was he was trying to ask her out but was too scared and was trying to get her to go to an lgbt club in Port City with him under the guise of an emo concert.Edge decided that he would ask her again later and try and see if she wanted to start hanging out with him and his friends.

A few days later at their band practice Smith says to Edge "yea we got a band name picked out and everyone likes it." Edge says "Which one? Did Sara and them have poll or something?" Bic says "No, we just told them what we were going to use and they said it was cool." Edge says "OK, what one did everyone like?" Jim says "Its gonna be called Emoscreamer and we have a logo done." Edge says "oh, I wanted to be there when you decided but that one is super good." Bic says "yeah you said you couldn't make it so we did it without you.The crowd at the youth center said it was awesome but they can't make it to Port City because its too far." Edge says "oh, they might change their mind later I'll ask them the next time they are at the all ages club here." Bic says "OK, we gotta practice for the shows."

What they didn't know was that Edge had been trying to set up a date with Sara and was trying to think of a reason to get her to go out with him to the lgbt club in Port City where he was going to try and go out with her.


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