Thursday, October 6, 2016

This is my new blog location

So I decided to make a new blog here on Blogger because I can't be bothered to do all the Wordpress on my regular page at which is currently DOWN. 

My page at is now going to be used for something else so I have decided to create this blog as a supplement to the main page and Twitter. I am too busy with music right now to maintain the old blog format with all the recording, mixing masterring and artwork production that goes into that. So right now it's all mixing and mastering albums and doing tons of art and etc. I'm also working on a few grindcore compilation series that aren't part of my main label Forward Regression Records with a smaller label that's also coming out soon. So that's going to be an ongoing  series of grindcore compilations apart from the releases on my label.

The webpage address for Forward Regression Records is . Which if you didn't know is the old name of the heavy metal thrash scene that was out on the now defunct Polygram in the 1980's which I NOW OWN. So it's Forward Regression / Banzai Records I might call it but may change slightly. That's so I can cash in on Polygrams old name and be right awesome on the internet.

The new Collapse albums will be out soon and will be available at the page for download. I will probably be releasing all of Forward Regression's albums and Grindcore compilations series as free internet downloads off the main page in mp3 and High Definition FLAC . I know all you Hi Def  FLAC fans will need this format. 

So right now we're getting all that together.

I am also currently working on a few Books that will be released as FREE E-BOOKS at in the near future. So I have DROPPED the Blog format and have switched to FREE EBOOK so get out your reading glasses and ebook reader because that will be out soon. There's no print versions planned yet but feel free to print your own if you want when they come out.

So all I have been hearing is Hilter's Hermaphrodite and Hitler's Cock jokes from my half finished book Does this story Make any Sense? from my old blog. I never finished the book because I got too busy writing sick riffs and shredding death metal lead guitar solos for my new albums and now that's coming out. I may finish the story someday buy who knows?

This is how the book more section on how some guy from the United States Senate named "Ozzy" picked a fight with Ozzy Osbourne in the 1970's and that why they started the PMRC in the 1980's, then Jello Biafra went on Oprah in the 1980's and proved Tipper Gore and them are criminals and will probably get the Death Penalty in the United States, the clip is on You Tube. Then the rest is about how Hilter made the Military Weapons for the Third Reich in the United States at the US Military and then converted them to Nazi Looking in Germany, then at the end of the book you find out that the Hermaphrodite is really about insects and how the Queen Hermaphrodite impregnates all the hive or something and they all follow her around that's the supposed origin of the story.

PS. NO POSERS so hit the bricks losers you're not included in my Books and Records Label.


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