Saturday, December 17, 2022

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Dragonlance - Shadow Of The Dragon Queen - Notes

So I got the book....

People don't understand Dungeons & Dragons, Dragonlance is an game expansion....

In regular play in 5E that is Forgotten Realms...

When you leave there you can go to another book like Dragonlance.

That leaves Forgotten Reams where the orcs are at etc., and is a Horse you get to lance fight with a horse instead of fighting Orcs in the cave.

You go into Dragonlance.....and wait I gotta stop ya people.

In every game expansion that leaves Forgotten Reams including D20 independent game books...I noticed this Christmas also sold and local game stops running their own sessions...that the new book always tells you what the specific rules are for that book.

So you go to Dragonlance get the new horse, head back home then you are back in Forgotten Realms where the Orc is at with the new horse.

That's what I mean...the "setting book" is a Players Handbook expansion.

Where extra levels open this case Dragonlance, adds extra horse equipment and settings to the Players Handbook.

You take these back to where the Orcs are at in the basic setting Forgotten Realms by default..after leaving Dragonlance at any time.

That's the same for all expansion, so you can just go into the book to load the character sheet and then play against the Orcs in Forgotten Realms or continue to play the Dragonlance game adventure to load your character, after this that is compatible 

Again, and I have to keep telling you this...don't read parts of the book that don't apply to your character because you waste time not learning the Player's Handbook to make your regular characters better.

Then you can play against the Orcs with the new character expansion back in the Dungeons Levels and away from the Horse Levels outdoors in the plains in Dragonlance.

This series for 5E & upcoming 6E is going to be super even has a crashed Could Castle from Spell Jammer with the city still there, so this looks like a big game release.

Edit...this has a crashed cloud castle in it....I hope the dragon didn't shoot it down.


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