Thursday, December 15, 2022

RE: Halifax Christmas Over

Well in Halifax to me Christmas is sounds like New York outside with tons of visitors and the place is full of old men wandering around and homeless people taking up all the city services and are all over the transit squadding.

They occupied all free Christmas dinners and there's not one place to go for free to eat Christmas dinner in Halifax if you're not an old man or homeless, I mean they're out up out of their wheel chair and limping all around the city walking and harassing people.

All over the place here they are in everyone's face trying to get people to wait on them and trying to stop the transit buses and get the drivers to wait on them saying they're looking for their "helper".


Yeah those people are all going to die soon or something because they are all out running around loose or something and lost in these mobs of old men and homeless people.

It's doesn't matter....just stay home and have nothing for Christmas...then we can go back out at the end of December and January like back a couple months ago, like we're all out eating and stuff together, regular people, with stuff going on but it's bad here from the storms etc.

Then we get no free place to go on Christmas.

So we're out eating at McDonalds and stuff for all the Holiday stuff and shopping and doing what we like and then there's nothing at home for Christmas, some community this is set up old men and bums only.

No place for all the University students and stuff to go, then the free one is for a bunch of old men...then they squad at every Tim Hortons all day harassing the waitresses and trying to get people to wait on them.

I can just imagine, over.

Going around telling all these stories saying people are "scolding them like they are sixteen because of their young and carefree behavoir" hahahaha.

I can just imagine.

So no Christmas for everyone else, well...

Get the D-Box seat at the IMAX warmed up then because I guess I'll be blowing all my money there after Christmas....I mean yeah like $100 but you get a movie, a seat and something to eat with no old man sitting next to everyone talking non stop and trying to get everyone to wait on them while they grind their broken hip against the girls from India working here in stores then humping on them at the McDonald's while they...

"run around laughing, playing tricks on the counter staff with fake food receipts stealing food and playing trying to get everyone to wait on them...singing and dancing with broken hips out of their wheel chairs"

Yeah so no one did that for ya.


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