Wednesday, December 14, 2022

HALIFAX: Homeless "Mini Home" and Camps At Alderney Landing

On Alderney Landing in Dartmouth / Halifax they have setup in the parking lots at the rail yard trailers housing homeless people from the Forensic Hospital Services I am told (the same one in the news all the time), next to it in the woods they have a homeless camp setup.

The story I heard is the shelters that hold individuals and small families took in the homeless people then people started a fight with the workers there because the forensic nurse told them they're not allowed out at night because they refuse to stay inside.

Later the windows were smashed out of the back of the shelters facing Alderney Drive and now people are saying if you get in trouble they will send you to the forensic psychiatric hospital for trying to go outside off hours or damaging property, the same hospital as the Andre Denny story from Cape Breton who was acquitted of murder in his case, the shelters house the same groups of people he was fighting with (homeless on Gottengen Street) and accused of killing a person during a pass for hospital leave.


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