Monday, December 26, 2022

RE: Cheating In MLB

Claims from the New York Yankees from pitching about other players cheating this past season.

Here are the sad facts of the 2022 season, cheating and horse play may also be a factor in the death of Jery Remy Boston Red Sox who was hit by a car outside the game.

Now people are saying this, the new MLB rules went into affect and now teams want to pull their new play books for the new rules because of old cheaters in the game so people are suing.

Under the new rules, players using the shift play are rules off side....

Some of the winning teams over the twenty years have been accused of "stealing a play from the umpire" by team blocking the view of the players and umpires by standing two feet offside during the shift of the defense side and then leaning out into an illegal offside position.

The blocked play may have lead to at least ten false champion wins and the league books will be reset if New York wins the case against the MLB and they will be awarded the 2022 championship when the records get reset.

So that's the rumor, that it was illegal plays by leaning offside during "shift" plays and leaning out and blocking the ball in an offside position, turns hits into outs on the infield.

Then, now all sports now need a shot clock and new offside rules.


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