Wednesday, December 14, 2022

RE: Fraud Pages On Wikipedia

In Canada / UK Countries the works of JR Tolkien - The Hobbit & The Lord Of The Rings are Public Domain locally at the end of next December, Star Trek the original series show novelizations are public domain in 2026 along with Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf, Rod Sterling's - The Twilight Zone ,the works of H.G. Wells "The War Of The Worlds" etc. are ALREADY in the public domain.

James Blish - Star Trek Adaptions & Novelizations

Walt Disney Mickey Mouse is ALREADY Public Domain locally in Canada / UK Countries.

I mean, the page wikipedia deleted all the entries and they posted fake pages up all over the internet because "The Rings Of Power" in the US was a paid promotion, now people are tying to cover up the pages on the internet to stop people from printing the books and material because the other company apparently paid to release the show just at the public domain delete.

I don't know what is connected to that, if it's from the show or not...or a scam.

They still have to pay in the US, local laws in Canada / UK Countries have never changed.

Don't listen to these stories, you can sell any Hobbit or Lord Of The Rings material starting in January 2024 in Canada / UK, and many books and merchandise has already been made waiting for the release.

Then live on the internet when you use the page indexes they deleted all them and replaced them with fake pages right to your face while using the website.


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