Thursday, September 23, 2021

ATTENTION HEINZ: New Product Combinations

I'm not really doing much these days besides blogging and being in band, so I got all this free Thanksgiving must be coming from farms or a bunch of turkey diners and vegetables and stuff.

Anyway, those are just my practice turkey dinners before Super Thanksgiving at my house.

So I got a bottle of this - Tarchup:


And they have this, Mayochup - means "shit on my face" in Native America, I got to thinking they must be out in manure fields to be using a term like that.

So I'm not doing nothing and I used to run a grocery company before they robbed me in home invasion for my SAP that the TSX couldn't afford so I started working on your product list. just slow down at minute at your Board of Directors Office...the first ones mine:

It's "Plum It!"

It's plum sauce mixed with sweet and sour sauce.

Here's a list I made for you at Heinz to have:

Just go ahead, I got all kinds of stuff and I'm not working so if you make it maybe I can buy some when I'm out making extra Thanksgiving Dinner when I sitting here with nothing to do.

Muschup - Ketchup and Mustard mixed together.

Honeychup - Honey and Ketchup mixed together

Tabsacochup - Tabasco sauce mixed with Ketchup

Mustake - Steaksauce mixed with mustard.

That's all I got...that should help you get your business started.


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