Sunday, September 26, 2021

I'm All Like I Went Away To School And All That

Yeah so it's like I went away to school years ago and left the set, then I finished my degrees and came into all this stuff,,,now the old band people don't like me anymore...they mean they think a band member from some set where we made their names up at when we were away at Slumber Party Massacre or something to put their songs on the show is gonna tell me something.

Then they all like, yeah don't go down there Jason used to play a girl on the old set before he went away to it's like when you get down there he doesn't have a real degree and it's just some stage act.

So they never came back and then they start saying certain names on the internet and start harassing the new store to death saying my stuff at home is fake from some production back before I left...then they all like Jason's gonna come back and start crying for friends from some movie set he used to be at when he lived away from his grandparents house all the time.

Now they don't give a shit about the old set, the one I have on my page from the stuff I did after I left and my house is all real now and I own my own business that I started with all the original material from all that.

So they all come down then my clothes and stuff were real and now their banned from the set and can't come back to my house or come party with me in the future when I head back out where I live away to do shows and stuff cause they keep assaulting my stuff with bums saying my stuff isn't real because I used to live away years ago when I knew them when I wasn't at home with my grandparents.

Now Guns n' Roses has a new record out but they don't have some of their old production to make it sound like the original when I was living away back in the 80's, so I listened to the song and it's just a little off Axel just slow the pace of them songs down a little but the parts are going a little fast from the drums to get the album in better time, because it's almost a huge hit...the timings just off a little bit on the music theory section.

Anyway, I gotta go because it's almost Halloween and I might get a call if they need my likeness back on the set since I'm living away again, like I gotta work out because they might need me to get back in to that slumber party costume since I'm going back to dancing and stuff.


I'm just sick of this man, people saying that'd I'm some cunt and all these slam and tiny metal labels are bigger than me going on about don't support my pages because they used to know me from some set saying all the other labels are hogging all the bands and talking to them at home saying not to release on mine Banzai Records because it's fake when you get to my house because they know me from some set, which it all isn't.

So if you know me from the set that's what they are saying when the fact is the Collapse is supposed to be the band from the skate kids from Surf Nazi's Must Die from the South Bronx on the movie set but we live in Canada so fuck off then if you hate movies, then the moon on the album Bathory - The Return that's from our old set who took the picture, then this past weekend on the solstice they just had the identical moon on Friday night from the album cover.

Now all the bums and pricks from the home invasion at my house in 2008 form the North End just came back and started assaulting my pages trying to tell us to go out to concerts and make press kits for them for nothing in the North End and all them again saying they were bossing us around saying "slayer" and they own our business because someone's talking from the old set because they know me and pretending my clothes are fake and I'm lying about school because on the old set they used to have rented clothes for the production and stuff and they are all bullshit and started assaulting my pages again them retards from the North End.

You people need to fuck off bad.  


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