Friday, September 17, 2021

How Outdated Is The Government In Halifax Anyway?

Is it ever pathetic around here with the local services in Halifax, I mean how out of date is this place anyway.

Here is a story form this September for back to school week.

You go out on a check like welfare, disability etc.

So they won't fix your broken medical record files to get your back money, then they still won't do it three times with your legal aid lawyer there, then legal aid won't help you.

Months later they tell you to get a paid lawyer to fix it, then you go to them and tell them and no one writes you back...until you abandon the issue and leave, not being able to collect your back money.

Then your doctor who ruined your medical records and the government says they are not receiving them, with the lawyer thing above, and then quit their family practice during the covid pandemic and make you go to the walk in clinic which turns out to be ten million times faster.

So you go to the walk in clinic and they are running an immigration clinic for medical forms or something and have two lines, then they spend all their times processing credit card payments for immigration medical forms or something making the walk in clinic patients wait in line until last. 

Then you get in to see the doctor and he looks like he got ran over from the covid pandemic and the clinic is all dark and looks like it's beyond repair with water damage.

The doctor there is good a writing your prescriptions though and he's not allowed to write you a note anymore and has to do in on the computer.

So that wastes the whole appointment because he's not allowed to use the note pad to write your prescription.

Then he has to use this old computer which takes forever to turn on and then finally fill out all this useless information about your prescription that he has to send to your pharmacy wasting all his time and energy filling out computer forms when the regular way is just a note pad with a pen in one second for any pharmacy you want. 

When you get the the pharmacy the prescriptions not even there yet and you have to come back later.

Now they are saying that for dental that not all dentists take government heath coverage and the others don't have full coverage.

Then if your on disability they want you to call all over the city to find a dentist that offers you full coverage on your check when you are disabled - that's all fake.

Then when you go get glasses you go to the eye doctor of your choice and then you find out that it's the same as the dentist and not all eye doctors are approved for eye glasses coverage and have been blocked from taking on government disability patients which is also fake.

Again, then they want you to call all over the city to find an eye doctor that accepts government health insurance when you are disabled - also fake.

That's because you are supposed to just go to whatever eye doctor you want and then they call your worker and then just send them the money without you.

Then they called this stupid election in Ottawa during a pandemic and when you look at the candidate list it looks like the Three Stooges already ran them out of office.

Good luck Halifax.


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