Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Crazies / Dawn Of The Dead

The George Romero catalog is in disarray and all those issues are listed on the internet, these titles also came out under multiple names.

The Crazies / Dawn Of The Dead is the same movie, but they are two separate films.

Watch "The Crazies" first this explains where the zombies originate, from the illegal military vaccinations or something, then they continue on as the zombies in "Dawn Of The Dead".

This makes the whole movie about five or six hours long (assuming theirs an extended version of The Crazies), this is a great Halloween set...

So since I'm back home living away like I mentioned I'm back to doing movie stuff so I'll have to get all my movie stuff out for my blog since I'm all settled in now and have time for all this while I'm working on my band, comic book pages and promotion.

Remember, I used to do all this it's a business promotion that I just started.


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