Friday, September 24, 2021

HALIFAX: This Is Why The Federal Government Thinks Your An Idiot

Mi'kmaw Indians protest treaty in Halifax. 

They've been protesting that for 22 years...this is why I abandoned a bunch of my issues, they think you're an idiot protesting that long.

I mean come off it, they put a bunch of stuff in the Legislature and never finished it.

Still protesting the same old issue for 22 years wasting all your time and efforts when you could have been doing something else, not me...I know my issues didn't go through and their never filing them, that's why I left.

What a waste of time, why can't you just go back to your free house you get on the reservation and money for not doing you still get to fish out of season, I mean how greedy are they anyway.

Then it's the same story, they think they live in an independent they don't, Canada lets them have that plus our tax money that pays for it.

Everyone else has to work or take a cheque that's only 1/3 valid at the store and sandbag their apartment with pots and pans collecting water from the leaky roof here in Halifax from the housing crisis.

I mean, we had a hurricane here and at least two earthquakes and the ground is ruined with outside coming in and I didn't get anything.

Those people not filing at the government are cut your reservations money off.

I'm starting to think that Mayochup and Tarchup is about Hobos and Indians.

And yes...the word "hobo" has a capital "H" in it now because they declared themselves their own people so now it's Hobo.

Not hobo.

I mean fuck off with these fake protests, I'm trying to eat my free thanksgiving dinners I'm getting from the farm out here by the Mic Mac Mall.

Like I've been saying....the Indians gave up the word Mic it mean's like "Mac: in my name it's English now.

Where I live at Mic Mac Mall and Lake Mic Mac is English now and means MacKenzie, and that so we own the word now.

So Lake Mic Mac means Lake MacKenzie or Lake MacDonald now, same as the Mall.


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