Sunday, June 26, 2022

RE: Abandoned Water Parks etc.

I must have been trapped in the house too long during covid here for two years, thankfully I have my own apartment, being single etc. 

Now covid is over and still no interest in getting married or anything meaning I still like living alone now that people are I'm still dealing with past relationship stuff and things since my parents passed away years back, then with school stuff and office stuff not working out and I have all that to now I'm just internet promoting whatever I'm doing.

So I was reminiscing about old water parks etc., there's clips of abandoned parks on youtube.

That's fun and all now I get out and see the abandoned park clips and think about the huge crowds that used to be with me and it makes me throw up and now I'm back in the house already just reading books and stuff..that's how you know you're single...thinking of new marriages makes you throw up it's so challenging to be bothered, like with all my family stuff that did work out I'm dealing with that stuff, then trying to save for retirement and my pension in 19 years...too much for me for a new marriage today.

So I dug up all this Action Park stuff, the clips and a trip to the wildlife park was enough interaction for me so I'll just stick with the record store promoting for now, now it turns out there were a bunch of more water parks I was at a long time ago  doing work and stuff with my family years ago, mostly country music stuff like Nashville and yard work, don't worry about that though I was the youngest in a large family from Old Nova Scotia they used to take me to all that from the gifted class.

Now I'm alone in my mid forties, looking at all these clips today makes me throw up...the thought of doing all that with a large group of people...turns out I was all over the place back then.

It's fun looking back on all that though, then it just make me vomit the thought of being back there doing all that with a large group all over again...after seeing the abandoned park clips.

That park is for sale in the last clip...I think from years ago the problem people told me is that buying a park like that is so expensive to remove the old equipment it cost millions of dollars more that the property is worth to remove the old equipment so people owning it just end up holding it for nostaliga.

Still a fun topic though.


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