Monday, June 20, 2022

RE: Dave Mustaine Solo Artist Now

I'm still watching metal, Dave Mustaine is just him now...I mean with the issues of major label artists, after that all settles down later I might start back up on other pages with Black Metal first after all that personal court issue stuff is off those later my black metal pages will be back.

Anyway, just watching the live tours this summer...and I was just thinking to someone like Dave Mustaine I'm probably home on sick leave anyway to him, waiting for my court stuff to settle down from all that when I used to be down there.

Don't worry about that...

Now I think what happened is Dave Mustaine could have been killed on the "Master Of Puppets Tour" in the other bands bus crash with James Hetfield etc.

People died in that, it could have been Dave on the old rig that Cliff Burton had, watching that footage today I question the whole thing with the cheap tour rig they had with these old bell bottoms from Woodstock....maybe that rig they had WAS from the original Woodstock days.

Remember, Lemmy and them...from the "Ace Of Spades" record they are all dead now. 

Lemmy was a roadie for Jimi Hendrix, maybe Cliff Burton bought the rig from them or something that James "Papa Het" from the "Metallica Family"...I'm assuming he's the dad now of all the hobos at the concert and their all living with Papa Het in their family, throw up're making me sick. I'm not coming down "play along with Metallica" is out on smart phone now.

Maybe that's that old rig, those situations could have killed Dave Mustaine if he didn't become a solo artist like me with a revolving line up.

EDIT / UPDATE: Everyone says that with that Cliff Burton thing and the hobos downtown at the concert, from the bands talking to the fans that people with all those old metal shirts and ticket stubs from the 1980's and 1990's are taking that stuff back to the concert today form the 1980's etc. and wearing it and trying to kill themselves in it at the concert humping James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine etc.

From decades ago in the 1980's when they met the band at the concert or something, then they never took the clothes off since and showed up as bums with old ticket stubs, trying to kill themselves in a murder suicide at the concert humping the band members in the old clothes and stuff trying to die with them or something, fucking sick ass...gross.  

That's stuff going on right now people mean, gross.


This post is turning into an internet thread here...about above, now everyone says that in my old court case that this was part of a larger issue that I was not involved in.

Well if you follow my blog long term, I was off on sick leave years back then I got assaulted etc., then what happened is in 2007 they had this huge metal thing here in Halifax, Canada....when I was out on tour, then the label closed in a scam and now I own it and took off.

Later that year I was in the hospital sick...the next summer two seasons later they bust in on me at the hospital, not literally but like that and picture all this sex going on or something, now they said the bum and hobo bands got jealous of me from the metal concert and assaulted the female doctors and nurses at the hospital flaming them and trying to get them to quit because they knew I was getting money from work and was away from music stuff at the where Papa Het plays.

Then I was on my own playing doing my seven year degree in business and science, then they thought the nurses and female doctors were going to have sex with me and get the money I have coming, from that they owe me a court settlement for wrongful arrest.

So they got jealous of the hospital and started flaming them saying they were my "support system" and I was having some crisis and to not take me as a patient, all the bums hanging around loitering around the hospital and downtown where the nurses work.

Anyway, I was at the hospital for appointments at the time when the assault happened and they flamed the doctor inventing a crisis for me following her advice.

Then they tried to make the doctors and nurses quit at the hospital because the people bumming wanted my money, then they tried to put in a fake nurse and doctor to cancel my treatment, never happened and is total fiction, like the fake police order and they never came back a few months later after I won my court case.

So the hospital assault on the doctors and nurses from the metal tour was the bigger issue and I got wrapped up in that in a wrongful arrest case that I won.

That's the bigger deal, those people got jealous of the nurses and doctors during my hospital stay and follow up appointment and tried to assault them out of the hospital flaming and threatening them because they thought the female nurse and doctor was going to have sex with me to get my band and work money.

So I guess that's the bigger case or issue people are saying now, that the assault was actually on the Hospital to my doctor, then the people flaming her tried to make her quit and then they tried to "send me home" with an attempted fake doctor and the hospital threw them out and I moved here to Halifax.

 Like that.


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