Saturday, June 18, 2022

RE: MLB: Yankees Best Record

Did you see what I did everyone? Hopefully this is from my local support and blogging up here in the North East.

New York Yankees have best record in baseball....all other times except once that team has won the world series.

Now don't get hung up on the next statistic, I think New York needs one more win to tie the record of the 2001 Seattle Mariners I think they said on the broadcast....note, it turns out those guys make mistakes on there so sometimes I have to be care not to quote that.

That's the only team that lost with that record...


That's when Boston won the World Series era, I mean when a team gets that many wins other guys like the Boston Red Sox start "jumping out in front of the plays getting killed to win the world series" like the Red Sox or someone, that's how they stopped the last record, so stand back baseball fans.


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