Friday, June 17, 2022

RE: Girls Without Make Up

Yeah, I take a girl home and then the next day it was all just make up from some porn set on her.

Everyone knows that's all just spray on and for movie effects for the screen and stuff to show up on the camera and for air brushing...I'm just saying that no one cares about the make up but it sells on the movies as "fantasy".

I mean everyone hates them anyway in general with or without makeup, except for fans I mean....showing them without makeup to the public is just making it lower "you thought they were trash before, look at them without makeup..", yeah their just runaways to them.

Nobody's buying a porn movie without the girls being totally fake looking in it, most of the money probably went on makeup anyway, yeah you take a girl home and the next day it was that...sometimes I see girls in my bed and I don't even know how they got in it, maybe I was watching too many sexual hypnosis videos now these girls keep getting in the bed and I don't even know where they came from, then they are gone in the morning.

My point is I don't care what the girls in the sex video look like because I'm watching it anyway.


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