Tuesday, June 14, 2022

RE: Starfrit Knives

I had to make my own picture of the knives I bought, like these ones with colors.

I didn't know what they were but I picked some up and now the girls I know are using them to cut their watermelons and stuff this summer, like the ones hanging around for hamburgers...now their all using my starfrit knives to cut their melons.

Not the girls I used to know downtown, the new ones hanging off me in the nicer part of town I live in now...that's what their doing.

Edit: I missed my point I tried to make, people I know want to get involved in the stuff I'm doing like over in the nicer neighbourhood, then they said they wanted to do it...then they wanted me to lend them the money to invest back in what I'm doing then they said they'd paid me when they made money...like selling Dungeons & Dragons books and stuff.

I said, yeah no problem I used to have to do that for girls downtown...I'm getting way more outta this because when I lend my money out to them it's in a better neighbourhood.



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