Sunday, September 5, 2021

Immigrants In Canada

So yeah all Ottawa talks about is how they are the Taliban or something and everyone wears turbans there now, then all the immigrants are all in their 20's and there's no one...yeah I doubt you got a real grade 12.

Then they won't give anyone else any money and if your Canadian they make you get a grade 12 and there's no work so the grade 12 is ruined.

I remember back years ago when the put the grade 12 in, I was probably in the first group of mandatory grade it's all immigrants who don't have one probably coming in as they hire them and not us.

Then we need a real grade 12 for no job, so there is no work and no grade 12 now because that never went in.

Then I went to University and did all my courses and they never have the work finished and couldn't afford to buy it now the degrees are useless.

So the University has no work and it's all just theory only with no jobs...then it's all apps and tech support.

I mean the whole point of the University was for stuff like business for store product listings now the manufacturer just makes the listings and sends them to the store over the internet and they don't even need SAP and that stuff anymore.

Now I have these degrees with no work and it's just theory, so that's great for running a band on the internet but it doesn't pay.

That's why I heading back out to the street with Neat Records and them again to keep doing music so I can sell band stickers instead and promote overseas metal festivals.

No degrees and no grade 12 needed anymore, fuck off then....none of that never went in they said.

Good enough.

What is all the work here then?

Construction contracting and garbage collection, that's all they have in Halifax that I can tell besides fast food and retail, but that's just the mall where I work at probably anyway...back to the mall I guess to sell stickers.

Fuck Ottawa then.


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