Saturday, September 4, 2021

RE: Nylist World Vocal Track Record

Great track for background death metal ambient relaxation when I'm working in the office on metal promotions, really helped me zone much do they want for that lp at the mall $200?

Anyway, I'm on Digital....the laser disk of the internet...that's going great in overseas markets from North America where they have no copyright laws and shit.

Like you get sick of the USA cd/lp market where they're all $100 an lp, I guess collecting must be getting big.

Other markets don't have that and use Digital, like here in Canada...the internet is aimed at us from US market promotions like Google who have 87% of the search engine market share they are saying, maybe use a different overseas search engine from Countries with less US market on that doesn't apply in Canada or overseas, they have a huge metal market there with less restrictions.

You just get sick of the US format on the internet, like how they try to make US copyright the global market but it only applies on Google, here in Canada and overseas that's not valid.

Metal's not really that big here in Canada that's why there's no big labels like there's not many companies here selling Heavy Metal, maybe Sunrise Records at the mall...they carry all the lp's, but the bands from Canada get a lot of exposure overseas from here and on Digital where they have less copyrights and bigger markets.

I'm not sure if you can see that much on the internet, maybe try an alternate search engine than Google where your band can get better search engine optimization for your local markets, I mean metal from Canada is big over there from here but there's not may companies selling or promoting it, that's why metal albums from Canada are harder to get.

$100 an lp Canadian is a lot of money overseas, there's probably not a lot of lp sales there...that's why I'm running on Digital, it's more affordable to sell metal overseas in other markets on Digital.


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