Thursday, October 21, 2021

CANADA: Indian Residential Schools

Everyone probably heard about this, they found all those bodies at those Indian Residential Schools now we have a new holiday in Canada over all that...

Just watch the documentaries and news stories on the topic, I mean "out west" they call it in Canada they always have different issues than us here in Old Nova Scotia.

They always have these different larger issues like that and another one is the building of CN Rail with Chinese immigrants getting killed in the mines ever day, then they had the Japanese internment camps out there during World War Two.

Those aren't things that we have where I live in Canada which is the tourist part with all the historical buildings and stuff.

That's a different Canada than I mean where I live, the Prime Minister today and usually anyway caters to that region because of it's diversity of issues with the rest of Canada.

That area is a work area with mining etc, and farms on the Prairies and the North West Territories etc, that's where they mean that takes place at...they always have bad issues out there.

I mean though the Indian Schools those were meant to send the children to school in Canada with the rest of us to teach them to live in town and be Canadan and not just live out in the woods.

They had to do what all the other people do, go to regular schools etc. in town and they had to live there at boarding from when the Indians first had to go to school in town.

This was run by the Church they are saying and they found all these graves there at the boarding schools, remember this was also at a time a hundred years ago coming out of a different pandemic the Spanish flu, World War One, The Great Depression and World War Two.

I mean those were different times back then during extreme circumstances in the background at the same time.


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