Sunday, October 31, 2021

My Halloween Black Tarot Reading

Guess what happened at my Halloween black tarot reading this year during the satanic ritual?

This is kind of like a diary update everyone knows my family is one of the rail road families from the old west at the museum, this year we did an evil seance with candles and pentagrams to see if we could summon a spirit from the old west.

Back then most of the region was farms and stuff when they put in the rail road tracks starting in the 1840's, then my family ran an orphanage etc. to raise extra money while working on the rail road so they didn't have much money but they were working putting in the town.

So they had all kinds of stuff from the farm...but it was plain and boring, in fact that's part of the reason I wanted to move away from all that. 

They didn't like Italian food and stuff like lasagna because they were from the farm and just ate what they had for nothing, so they were poor when putting the town in with the first rail lines but they had tons of free food they grew on the farm, like my family from our land grants in Old Nova Scotia.

Like they ate plain, then I wanted different foods and stuff and to go away to University etc., and so I could learn to research these topics.

Then they wanted to make more recipes out of those ingredients then they used the extra money for drinking and gambling at the casino and in the old west at bars and brothels.

So we got together and recreated this scene from the old west like bar, then we smoked a bunch of weed and stuff and had a seance...then we made old recipes from the rail of the old west. 

My grandmother knew all these recipes from the old rail companies of the old west that she taught me, so we recreated that this Halloween.

This is what happened, yeah it got pretty weird....this is what came out of the tarot reading when I looked it up and did the research.

It was hamburger and onions with peas and potatoes and corned beef and mashed potatoes. 

That's what they were getting from the farm and feeding them on the rail lines corned beef, hamburger, onions and potatoes....boiled in a pot on a fire and cooked outside.

Then the supernatural happened, and we got all freaked out from cooking that food and doing a seance on Halloween.

It came into our heads that this was the food they used to eat on the rail lines when they were putting in the rail road tracks in to the old west, then those same people also are the ones who set the town up so were running the bars and brothels.

I just imagine my grandmother now feeding tons of workers on the rail corned beef, hamburger, onions and mashed potatoes on their way to the bar and brothel in the old west. 

I mean, she wasn't old enough to do that but that's what she taught me about.

Then listen to this...who was eating that food?

Wyatt Earp and them at the OK Corral and all that with Billy The Kid, Jessie James and them and Wildbill Hiccock.

Wyatt Earp was running a gambling business in the same business that my family was working on the rail, so they were the guys eating all them old recipes in the old west.

Bill Hiccock and them, that's what I mean...that's what happened at the seance...we found out that them old west guys were all eating that on the rail...hamburger and onions with potatoes and peas and corned beef and mashed potatoes.

That's what I saying fresh from the family was feeding all them guys in the old west on the rail hamburger and corned beef, then they were working at the bars and together during all the gun fighting at places like the OK Corral...not saying specifically that but like that. 

So that's so great material I got for my book stuff like for my history stuff I'm working on about Old Nova Scotia.


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