Monday, October 18, 2021

Fall Update 2020

Not much going on this fall...the stores in Halifax selection is even more pathetic than ever so far since covid now they want almost $15 for bacon and eggs hahahahha, I can just fucking imagine.

With nothing on sale at the store and it all looks like flat inventory that was sitting at the bottom of the pallets for two years and it's all full of covid is what the meat cases look like.

I guarantee there's some prick behind that with the fake government regulator just letting that stuff sit there on the shelf to see if some idiot buys it while every one went without.

You can bet 100% that if you buy that food you were the last customer before they went bankrupt and put the food prices back to normal.

You make me sick.

I went shopping and they don't have anything...all they had that I would want is the Playstation 5 with the VR which is $2000 Canadian and the new iPhone which is $1000.

I doubt their selling many Playstations at that price, I mean what is it over the head of ever customers budget...what is that a total failure or what not only that it still takes a disc or what?

I already have everything else I need, guitars and stuff and all I mean a broken effects pedal or something I need to replace, but that don't count as buying something since I just played the last one for like five years straight and it wore out....I mean I need something new to have.

$3000 Canadian for an iPhone and a Playstation...I mean I doubt anyone would pay that even if they had the money.


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